February 5, 2009

Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer: Progress and Patient Participation

Breast Cancer patients may be able to make a vital contribution to the continuing fight against this disease. By participating in clinical trials, patients give researchers an invaluable opportunity to study new treatments, investigate screening, diagnostic, and preventative techniques, and enhance the quality of women living with breast cancer. As well, patient participants gain access to the most advanced therapies available, which may offer them their best chance of a cure. The ultimate hope is, of course, that this advanced level of research will lead to a cure. However, the continued success of clinical trials and best promise of progress are entirely dependent on the breast cancer patients who volunteer to take part.

It is extremely important to decide whether or not to participate in a clinical trial before receiving any treatment from a physician. Once treatment has been initiated, this almost always excludes patients from participating in a clinical trial designed for patients in their circumstance. Talk to your physician to see if participation in a clinical trial is right for you.

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