February 5, 2009

Resources and Support for People Affected by Colorectal Cancer

When an individual is facing a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, the whole family needs information and support to cope with this difficult event. Patients and their family members should feel comfortable asking their health professionals, including their physicians and nurses, for education and support resources. Treatment centers often have nurses or social workers available to provide counseling and referrals to support groups and other resources.

Drawing on local and national education, support, and advocacy groups is also important. Two organizations that offer support to individuals diagnosed with colorectal cancer and their loved ones are the Colon Cancer Alliance (www.ccalliance.org), which provides a colorectal cancer survivor buddy program, and Cancer Care (www.cancercare.org), which offers professional counseling services in person, by phone, and online. Other organizations, such as the American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org), Cancer 411 (www.cancer411.org), CancerConsultants.com (www.cancerconsultants.com), and the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health (www.monahancenter.org) are reliable sources of comprehensive, up-to-date information on colorectal cancer prevention, treatment, support, and clinical trials.

Online Colorectal Cancer Resources

Colorectal Cancer Coalition


Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA)


Colorectal Cancer Network


The Colon Club


Hereditary Colon Cancer Association (HCCA)


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