March 30, 2015

Autologous Marrow (Stem Cell) Infusion


This technique, often referred to as transplantation, involves the harvesting of stem cells from a patient’s marrow or blood. The stem cells are usually frozen for later use. The patient is then given intensive therapy, and the stem cells are reinfused via an indwelling catheter. The blood or marrow may be obtained from a patient with a disease of the marrow when in remission, (for example, acute myelogenous leukemia), or when the marrow is not overtly abnormal (for example, lymphoma requiring intensive therapy). Technically, this procedure, which formerly used marrow stem cells, is not transplantation, which implies taking tissue from one individual (donor) and giving it to another (recipient). The purpose of the procedure is to restore blood cell production from the preserved and infused stem cells after intensive therapy has severally damaged the patient’s remaining marrow. This procedure may be supplemented by autologous blood and can be recovered there by apheresis.

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