Arap/Pasqualini Laboratory – Timelines and Milestones 12-07-2015


The Human Vascular Mapping Project

  • 2000: Scientific & ethical framework for human experimentation
  • 2002: Combinatorial screening in brain-dead and terminal wean patients (1)
  • 2004: Validation of the IL-11 receptor as a target in prostate cancer (2)
  • 2005: Intra- and inter-institutional ethics guidelines (3, 4)
  • 2006: Design and validation of synchronous experimental approach (5)
  • 2008: Serial synchronous selection adapted for selection in patients (6)
  • 2008: IND filed for a limited Phase 1 clinical trial in prostate cancer patients (NCT00872157)
  • 2009: Translation of a targeted peptidomimetic (BMTP-11) in a first-in-man trial, Protocol 2008-0395
  • 2010: Drug localization established in bone metastasis biopsies in 6 out of 6 patients treated
  • 2010: BMTP-11 licensed to Alvos Therapeutics, a new biotech company (subsidiary of Arrowhead Research).
  • 2010: Patient biopsy and autopsy material processed and captured in a database of more than 2 MM ligands (6)
  • 2011: Over 150 new vascular zip codes identified
  • 2012: Business development opportunities with Pharma leveraging normal and diseased tissue targeting
  • 2015: Publication of the BMTP-11 clinical trial in “Targeting the interleukin-11 receptor α in metastatic prostate cancer: A first-in-man study” (7)
  • 2015: IL-11 receptor in leukemia and lymphoma in “Targeting interleukin-11 receptor in leukemia and lymphoma: A functional ligand-directed study and hematopathology analysis of patient-derived specimens” (8)
  • 2015: Vasotide inhibition of pathological retinal angiogenesis in the murine retinopathy of prematurity model and non-primate wet age-related macular degeneration (9)


Ligand-directed Targeting, Nanotechnology & Molecular-genetic Imaging

  • 1998-2000:Tumor targeting in preclinical models (10, 11)
  • 2003: Display of combinatorial peptide libraries on AAV particles (12)
  • 2005: Self-assembled biocompatible Au-phage network (13, 14)
  • 2006: AAV-phage (AAVP) for molecular imaging (15, 16)
  • 2008: AAVP predicts drug response in sarcoma: towards an imaging transcriptome (17)
  • 2009: Phase I-II trial of targeted TNF in pet dogs with spontaneous cancer (18)
  • 2010: Integration of the AAVP vector system with other anti-cancer therapies shows synergistic anti-tumor activity (19)
  • 2011: Iron-mimicking peptide in AAVP crosses blood-brain barrier to image and treat glioblastoma (20)
  • 2012: Plans for collaborative work with high-profile sponsors engaged
  • 2012: Technology portfolio captured by AAVP Biosystems
  • 2015: siRNA inhibition of the PCA3/PRUNE2 regulatory axis in prostate cancer (21)


Fingerprinting the Repertoire of Patient-derived Antibodies

  • 2000: Technology design and optimization
  • 2001: Human prostate cancer serum sample selection
  • 2003: Fingerprinting antibodies from cancer patients (22, 23)
  • 2004: Validation of GRP78 as a target in prostate and breast cancer (24)
  • 2008: Horizontal follow-up of humoral response in patients (25)
  • 2009: Functional definition of human CLL based on fingerprinting BCR (26)


Obesity Reversal through Vascular Targeting

  • 2004: Targeted treatment in preclinical models of obesity (27)
  • 2007: GMP grade peptidomimetic drug custom-ordered and received
  • 2009: Activity and toxicity study in obese baboons and Rhesus monkeys (28)
  • 2009: Direct selection of ligands to human white adipose tissue in cancer patients (6)
  • 2010: IND filed for a Phase I clinical trial in obese prostate cancer patients (NCT01262664)
  • 2011: Response to Clinical Hold filed with the FDA
  • 2012: Clinical Hold removed, “safe to proceed” granted, Phase I trial active as of May 2012 (Protocol No. 2010-0369)
  • 2013: Patient accrual at MD Anderson Cancer Center in parallel with a lead optimization program
  • 2014: Mechanistic studies of weight loss mediated by adipotide


Hybridoma and hybridoma-free Generation and Production of Antibodies

  • 2003: Technology design and development
  • 2004: Hybridoma-free monoclonals: concept and reduction to practice (29)


Recombinant Antibody Phage Display Library and in vivo screening

  • 2014: Application of renewable human recombinant antibodies pipeline recognizing cancer biomarkers (30)



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