Atul Kumar, MD, PhD

Atul Kumar, MD, PhD

Cancer Specialty
Medical Oncology

Multidisciplinary Team
Lung/Esophagus Cancers

Research Program
Cancer Therapeutics: Technology, Discovery and Targeted Delivery

Personal Statement

My clinical and research interests are in lung cancer. I am interested in several aspects of the disease: chemoprevention of lung cancer, differences in morbidity and mortality due to health disparities in lung cancer screening and treatment, biology and treatment of lung cancer. I recently joined University of New Mexico Cancer Center as a thoracic oncologist. This is the only NCI designated cancer center in the state of New Mexico. It has an approximately 50% Hispanic and 11% Native American population. The health disparities in these populations profoundly affect the morbidity and mortality. With regards to cancer, lung cancer has the highest mortality and in the New Mexican population, it is significantly affected by the disparities in healthcare. There is much work needed to understand the reasons behind such disparities in the Hispanic and Native American populations. This proposed collaborative project with Dr. Saeed will give us insight into this important aspect of lung cancer care in the state of New Mexico and will open potential actionable avenues to reduce such disparity as it pertains to lung cancer.