Keith Lidke, PhD

Keith Lidke, PhD

Faculty Titles
Associate Professor,
Department of Physics & Astronomy,
UNM College of Arts and Sciences

UNM Cancer Center Position(s)
Bioinformatics and High-Dimensional Data Analysis Shared Resource co-Director

Research Program
Cellular and Molecular Oncology

Personal Statement

The primary goal of my research is to develop new optical techniques that can investigate the organization and dynamics of cellular components at spatial scales below the diffraction limit of the light microscope and to apply these techniques to answer biological and biophysical questions. I have a strong track record developing and applying fluorescence super-resolution techniques, single particle tracking, and hyperspectral microscopy and their combination to achieve higher spatiotemporal resolution. I also have a strong interest in developing and applying information theory and efficient computational techniques in the analysis of the large, multi-dimensional data sets that are acquired by these imaging methods. I also direct the ‘Super-resolution Technology Core’ for the New Mexico Spatiotemporal Modeling Center (STMC,, an NIH center for systems biology. I have close and ongoing collaboration with all three co-investigators. Although I have not published a paper with Prof Lyman yet, we have been in discussion for nearly two years developing the proposed project, including submission of a white paper last year on a combined computational/tracking approach.