Tamar Ginossar, PhD

Faculty Titles
Associate Professor
UNM School of Medicine, Prevention Research Center, Prevention & Population Science

Research Program
Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Personal Statement

As an Associate Professor at the Department of Communication and Journalism and the BA/MD Program, Adjunct Research Professor at the Prevention Research Center and Associate Member of the University of New Mexico Cancer Center, I have (a) a commitment to leading research on the development, assessment, dissemination and implementation of health promotion interventions and reducing cancer-related health disparities in community and clinic-based settings using diverse communication modalities; (b) a passion for dissemination of evidence-based information to improve health outcomes in cancer prevention and care; and (c) experience in partnering with interdisciplinary research teams on health communication research projects. I have a broad background in health communication including message testing, in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys and conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses of cancer communication. Directly related to this proposed research, I have collaborated with Dr. Kinney on research that examined breast cancer mobile applications, with Dr. Chamberlin from NMSU Media Lab on a lung cancer screening online decision tool, and with Dr. Cragun on a Dissemination and Implementation research. In summary, my demonstrated record of successful and productive cancer communication research projects would allow me to successfully carry out the proposed study.