Yong Lin, MD, PhD

Yong Lin, MD, PhD

Faculty Titles
Associate Scientist
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Multidisciplinary Team
Skin Cancers

Research Program
Cellular and Molecular Oncology

Personal Statement

The goal of this application is to determine the role and underlying mechanism of anti-TNF-induced apoptosis (ATIA) in cigarette smoke-induced lung carcinogenesis. I have the essential expertise and motivation necessary to carry out the proposed research. Residing in Lovelace Biomedical and Environmental Research Institute (LBERI), which has a specific commitment and environment for lung disease research, my laboratory investigates the roles and mechanisms of cell survival and death signaling pathways involved in lung carcinogenesis and anticancer therapy. We recently reported ATIA as a major cell survival factor that regulates ROS at mitochondria. This application focusing on ATIA as a lung cancer promoter that suppresses autophagy-mediated apoptosis for cell transformation is highly innovative. With our extensive experience in molecular biology and cell death and survival signaling research in lung cancer, we are at a unique position in conducting the proposed research and I am qualified to lead the proposed research project. Successful completion of this project will establish a novel mechanism for lung carcinogenesis, which will open an important avenue for improving therapy and prevention against lung cancer.