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May 22 2017

Splash Away Cancer! event a Swimming Success

The Annual Splash Away Cancer! event took place May 20. Proceeds benefitted The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. Thank you to the organizers, Joel Swartz, Bobby Goldie and Rob Dickson, and to all who took part in the event!    
May 03 2017

Put on Your Sequins, Suits and … Sneakers!

The Lobos vs. Cancer Gala will take place Saturday, May 20, 2017, at Sandia Resort and Casino. Proceeds benefit research and patient programs at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. The evening features silent and live auctions, a cocktail reception and a sit-down dinner that you can enjoy in your comfortable [...]
April 17 2017

Superhero Fun Run in Las Cruces

The Kevin Rudi Foundation will hold its third annual Superhero 5K Fun Run to raise awareness for and money to support research in spindle cell carcinoma. Kevin Rudi was 27 when he passed away from spindle cell carcinoma in 2014. The Fun Run invites runners of all abilities and strongly encourages costumes. [...]
April 11 2017

Targeting tumors with toxins

Arsenic is a naturally occurring toxin found in groundwater that is absorbed into what we eat and drink – including foods such as rice and apple juice – and New Mexico has some of the highest concentrations of the metallic mineral in the U.S. It’s considered a co-carcinogen, because it [...]
April 03 2017

New Hope for Man with Brain Cancer

Chad Walde was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in 2014. He is still enjoying life, thanks to different treatments he's been getting at UNMH and UNM Cancer Center. In this news story, M. Omar Chohan, MD, and Mr. Walde describe Mr. Walde's brain cancer and how they are precisely treating it [...]
March 23 2017

“Ride for the Cure New Mexico” Motorcyle Ride Helps UNM CCC Patients

"Ride for the Cure NM" will hold its annual ride this Saturday, March 25, to raise money to support patients at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. The ride's organizer, Gina Felix, knows firsthand how difficult a cancer diagnosis can be on patients and their families. Gina Felix talked to Mike [...]
March 20 2017

Preventing Cervical Cancer Globally

UPDATE: Dr. Wheeler will be attending the HPV Vax-a-Nation: Increasing HPV Vaccination in the US Conference May 11 in Charleston, South Carolina. This ongoing conference provides cancer centers a forum to identify opportunities to collectively engage in cancer prevention such as HPV vaccination. NCI-designated Cancer Centers, along with the National [...]
March 07 2017

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in New Mexico

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in New Mexico. See Governor Susana Martinez's Proclamation.   Vi Kien Chiu, MD, leads the Gastrointestinal Multidisciplinary team at UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. He recently talked to Terry Kelly about colorectal cancer. Read Dr. Chiu's interview to learn more about this widespread disease.   Dr. [...]
February 28 2017

NM House and Senate to Clash on the Basketball Court

Each year after the legislative session ends, New Mexico's lawmakers divide into House and Senate teams to compete one final time on the basketball court. For the last six years, their benefit game has raised money to help people in New Mexico facing cancer. Justin Schroer talks to Adam Attchison [...]
February 20 2017

Battling Aging and the diseases that come with it

Eric Prossnitz, PhD, and his international team have just learned about a new way to help cells fight aging. The discovery came from studying a protein in cell membranes. The protein is called GPER. GPER tells the cell how to respond to estrogen. The team discovered more about the complex system that [...]
February 16 2017

Lobos Love Pink! Week

The Lobo Men's and Women's Basketball teams are celebrating Lobos Love Pink Week February 14 and 18. The Men won their game Tuesday night against the Boise State Broncos. The Women face the Fresno State Bulldogs Saturday at 1:00 pm. Both teams are wearing special uniforms for the event and [...]
February 02 2017

New Drug Archive Links Drugs, Diseases and Proteins for Better Care

Tudor Oprea, MD, PhD, longed for an archive that could tell him which drugs targeted which proteins that played a role in which diseases. But no such archive existed. Now, he and his international collaborators have created that database. Oprea and his UNM team are building their skills to add to the [...]
January 17 2017

New Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial Launches

Sarah Adams, MD, hopes her new ovarian cancer clinical trial will help to save women's lives. The new trial recently launched at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. The trial uses a PARP inhibitor to kill ovarian cancer cells and an antibody to boost the immune system's response to the cells. [...]
January 11 2017

Nation’s Cancer Centers Jointly Endorse Updated HPV Vaccine Recommendations

The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center is among the 69 National Cancer Institute designated cancer centers to endorse the updated joint statement supporting HPV vaccine use in the United States. The Joint statement endorses the United States Centers for Disease Control most recent guidelines. The guidelines recommend that children aged 11 to 12 should receive [...]
November 10 2016

How Smoking Causes Lung (and other!) Cancers

Ludmil Alexandrov, PhD, and his team have discovered that smoking causes mutations in DNA. Mutations are changes to the cellular instructions encoded in the DNA of each cell. If they disturb how the cell functions, they can cause cancer. Dr. Alexandrov and his international team discovered mutations in every lung [...]
October 11 2016

HPV Vaccination Reducing Pre-Cancer Rates in Young Women

Cosette Wheeler, PhD, led a study on the impact HPV vaccination is having on the rate at which young women get pre-cancers of the cervix. She and her team used data from the New Mexico HPV Pap Registry, the only statewide surveillance program in the United States that includes complete [...]
October 03 2016

HERO Event Honors Clinical Research Participants

Clinical research helps to advance our knowledge about cancer drugs and treatments. The Food and Drug Administration requires clinical trials before it approves a drug or treatment for general use. The people who take part in clinical trials not only face their cancer but also help scientists and doctors around the world [...]
September 16 2016

Hope for a New Treatment for Mast Cell Disease

Mast cells are part of the immune system, but too many abnormal mast cells can cause allergic responses, inflammation, pain, bloating and other symptoms. Mast cell disease, or mastocytosis, is a rare disease; many doctors have never even seen someone with it. Advanced mast cell disease can cause death quickly and [...]
September 09 2016

New Research on Cancers of the Colon and Rectum May Lead to New Ways to Treat Them

Ellen Bewick, PhD, has discovered how blocking a protein in cancer tumors of the colon and rectum can help to fight them. The protein is called G-CSF, and blocking it fights tumors on two fronts: it keeps tumor cells from growing and multiplying; and it draws more immune cells into the tumor. [...]
August 19 2016

Cowboys to Help Cancer Research in New Mexico

New Mexico's largest annual fundraiser to benefit cancer research is slated for October 7, 2016 in Las Cruces. Proceeds from the event stay in the state and support innovative cancer research projects at UNM Cancer Center and New Mexico State University. The dinner, dance and silent auction will feature music by Will [...]
July 28 2016

Repurposing Drugs to Force Cancer Cell Death

Alexandre Chigaev, PhD, and his team recently published a paper in which they describe how they forced leukemia cells into programmed cell death, a process called apoptosis. They used drugs that the United States Food and Drug Administration has already approved. Using already-approved drugs shortens the time and reduces the [...]
July 21 2016

HPV Vaccine Helps Women in a Broad Age Range

Cosette Wheeler, PhD, led an international team that studied the efficacy of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in women 26 years and older. The United States currently targets girls and boys in their early teen years to receive the vaccine. Information on the vaccine's efficacy in women older than the [...]
July 05 2016

Telephones Can Increase Access to Cancer Genetic Counseling

In a recently-published study, Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, and her team report that cancer genetic counseling over the telephone is no less effective than in-person counseling when it comes to delivering life-saving information. Dr. Kinney explains the research to Mike Jaxson, KSVP-FM: Read The Daily Lobo story, the Las Cruces Sun-News [...]
June 28 2016

Cancer Moonshot: Doctor Giving a Fighting Chance to Patients

Dr. Cheryl Willman and top researchers found that Native American and Hispanic children had different genetic mutations than white children and needed treatments tailored just for them. Watch the NBC Nightly News report: The Bidens talk to Tom Brokaw about the Moonshot Initiative: And Tom Brokaw talks to Lester Holt [...]
June 27 2016

Cancer Moonshot Summit Draws Cancer Community Together

The Cancer Moonshot, led by Vice President Joe Biden, will hold 99 local summits throughout the country and a summit in Washington, D. C. on Wednesday, June 29. Cheryl Willman, MD, UNM Cancer Center Director & CEO, will attend the Washington Summit and Scott Ness, PhD, will sit on the panel [...]
June 16 2016

UNM Joins Elite Drug Development Program

The UNM Health Sciences Center has joined a national network of scientists on the leading edge of drug discovery and development in the fight against cancer. Larry Sklar, PhD, will lead the new Center of Excellence that is part of the Chemical Biology Consortium. The Consoritum provides world-class expertise in high-throughput screening, structural [...]
June 07 2016

A Generous Gift Helps All New Mexicans

The Dana C. Wood Trust and Estate gave $ 750,000 to the UNM Cancer Center. The state matched the gift and the matching funds enabled UNM to create an endowment to support world-renowned faculty and their research. Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD, will be invested as The Dana C. Wood Endowed [...]
June 06 2016

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips for Summer

With summer upon us, Marianne Berwick, PhD, shares some tips to protect your skin from cancer this summer. Skin cancer is the fifth most frequent type of cancer and melanoma is the deadliest. Dr. Berwick talks to Dan Mayfield on "The Morning Brew"
May 24 2016

“Free 3D” Mammograms for Eligible New Mexico Women

An appropriation from the state of New Mexico is helping some New Mexico women get three-dimensional mammograms. A 3D mammogram takes several images of the breast and compiles them into a three-dimensional image. This enables radiologists to detect breast cancers more easily and lead to fewer call-backs for re-imaging. To [...]
May 17 2016

Polly’s Run Raises Awareness and Money for Pancreatic Cancer

Josh Rogers lost his mother, Polly, to pancreatic cancer eight years ago and began Polly's Run as a tribute to her. After their very successful first year, he turned the walk/run into an annual event to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer. The event also honors all those whose [...]
May 12 2016

New Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Yanis Boumber, MD, PhD, continues to enroll people in the "Neptune" clinical trial for lung cancer and is opening additional clinical trials for people diagnosed with lung cancer. He talked to Erica Zucco, KOB-TV, about the trials and how they use the immune system to fight lung cancer.
May 09 2016

Second Annual Swimming Fundraiser May 21

The second annual Splash Away Cancer! swimming fundraising event for cancer will take place May 21. Olympic champion Mike Bruner will join the event to raise money and awareness for cancer research and treatment in New Mexico. Rob Dickson and Lauren Thompson, members of event host Lobo Aquatics Club, talked to [...]
April 19 2016

Runners Channel Their Inner Superhero for Cancer Research

The Kevin Rudi Superhero 5K Fun Run is scheduled for April 23. Matthew Duran, President of the Kevin Rudi Foundation, talks to Chad Brummett about the run. Proceeds benefit cancer research at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center.  
March 17 2016

Bikers Raise Awareness, Support UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

Gina Felix is organizing the "Ride for the Cure NM." The annual ride raises awareness of cancer and money to support patients undergoing treatment at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. This year's ride will take place March 26. Read the media alert for more information. All are welcome. If you [...]
March 10 2016

‘Spectrum’ Art Show Shares Science by Blending it with Art

"Spectrum," the Art of Systems Biology and Nanoscience show, opens March 18 and 19 at the Gerald Peters Gallery | Peters Project in Santa Fe. The event features a gallery viewing of the pieces by artists and scientists, public talks, and the NanoDays exhibit for children in grade school, middle school [...]
February 19 2016

Women’s Basketball ‘Lobos Love Pink’ Game Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

Melanie Royce, MD, PhD, talks to Adam Atchison, "KRQE This Morning," about the Lobos Love Pink Women's Basketball game. The game raises awareness for breast cancer because screening saves lives. An early diagnosis increases the chances of surviving breast cancer and gives women more options for treating the disease. Read [...]
February 12 2016

Breathe Easier! New Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Opens

Yanis Boumber, MD, PhD, has opened the first of ten new lung cancer clinical trials. Called Neptune, the phase 3 clinical trial combines two new immunotherapy drugs. Dr. Boumber talks to Mike Jaxson, KSVP-FM, about the trial: Read the press release and the story in the Roswell Daily Record. And, [...]
February 05 2016

Bad Company: Dr. Gan Studies What’s Around the Tumor

Gregory Gan, MD, PhD, studies the cells and structures around a tumor. His and others' studies suggest that what surrounds a tumor may help it to grow back and grow back more aggressively. Dr. Gan talks about his research, the grant he recently received to support his work, and what [...]
February 04 2016

Annual ‘Hoops 4 Hope’ Basketball Game Helps All New Mexicans

State legislators aren't known for their basketball skills, but that doesn't stop them from playing in the annual 'Hoops 4 Hope' basketball game. The game pits the House "Aggies" against the Senate "Lobos" and raises money to help New Mexicans and their families who are facing cancer. This year's game [...]
January 28 2016

HPV Vaccination Call to Action

Cosette Wheeler, PhD, is an international human papillomavirus (HPV) expert and has studied HPV in New Mexico since 1987. She helped to draft the HPV Consensus Statement that all 69 National Cancer Institute designated cancer centers have endorsed. Read the United Nations Secretary General's Message on World Cancer Day. Dr. [...]
January 28 2016

Dr. Willman Goes to Washington

Dr. Willman was invited to Washington DC to brief President's and Vice Presidents staffs at the White House

Cheryl Willman, MD, director and CEO of the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, was invited to the White House. She was one of five people invited to brief the President's and Vice President's scientific staffs on new national cancer initiatives in precision medicine, genomics, research infrastructure and cancer clinical trials. Before [...]
January 27 2016

Nutritionist Talks About Eating During Treatment

Ernestine Trujillo, MS, RD, LD, helps people fighting cancer get through their treatment. Instead of prescribing drugs, she prescribes foods that will help them get through treatment. It's harder that it sounds because radiation therapy and chemotherapy can make food taste different. Ernestine talks to Dan Mayfield on "The Morning [...]
January 27 2016

NCI-designated Cancer Centers Urge HPV Vaccination for the Prevention of Cancer

Cosette Wheeler, PhD, was among the national HPV experts who drafted this Consensus Statement.

The text of the Consensus Statement is below. View PDF of the statement and a full list of all supporting NCI-designated Cancer Centers. Read the press release about the statement Approximately 79 million people in the United States are currently infected with a human papillomavirus (HPV) according to the Centers [...]
January 14 2016

Dr. Willman on President’s New National Cancer Cure Effort

In his State of the Union Address this week, President Obama announced a new national effort to focus on curing cancer. Vice President Biden will spearhead the initiative. Cheryl Willman, MD, talked to Erica Zucco about this new effort and how the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center will help the nation. [...]
January 08 2016

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is one of the major causes of cervical cancer but the HPV vaccine can prevent most cases of the disease. Cosette Wheeler, PhD, is an international expert on HPV and is a member of the team that is drafting a national consensus [...]
January 07 2016

New Grant Helps New Mexicans with Blood Disorders

Bridget Wilson, PhD, talks to Colton Shone, KOB-TV, about the new two-year $453,000 grant from the DOD to study myeloproliferative neoplasms. These are blood disorders in which the body produces too many red blood cells or too many platelets or in which the bone marrow in which these cells are made becomes [...]