Press Releases

July 20 2017

Registration Opens for Inaugural Lobo Cancer Challenge Bike Ride

New bike ride event on September 23 to support New Mexicans with cancer

The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center has opened registration for the inaugural Lobo Cancer Challenge. Cheryl Willman, MD, Director and CEO of the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, said that the Lobo Cancer Challenge is a new bike ride fundraising event. She said event proceeds will help to ensure [...]
July 13 2017

UNM Cancer Center Doctor Receives National Cancer Institute Award

Ursa Brown-Glaberman, MD, receives NCI’s prestigious Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award for her work in clinical research

Yesterday, Ursa Brown-Glaberman, MD, received the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award. The award was presented at a public meeting of the NCI’s Clinical Trials and Translational Research Advisory Committee. Brown-Glaberman is an Assistant Professor at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. She specializes in [...]
June 22 2017

HPV testing leads to earlier detection and treatment of cervical precancer

Women who receive human papillomavirus (HPV) testing, in addition to a pap smear, receive a faster, more complete diagnosis of possible cervical precancer, according to a study of over 450,000 women by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the University of New Mexico (UNM) Comprehensive Cancer Center. HPV is [...]
June 12 2017

HPV Vaccine Could Drastically Reduce Cervical and Other Cancers Globally

Article by UNM Cancer Center Scientist describes HPV vaccine efficacy and use; American Society of Clinical Oncology shares at international annual meeting

Cervical cancer affects more than half a million women and causes more than a quarter of a million deaths each year globally. Almost all cervical cancers result from a human papillomavirus, or HPV, infection. HPV infections cause cancers in other parts of the body, too. But the latest HPV vaccine [...]
May 09 2017

The Art of the Scarf: Free Workshop Helps Cancer Patients and Survivors

Class in tying, wrapping and twisting scarves helps women with hair loss due to cancer treatment

What The free Art of the Scarf workshop to teaches women how to tie, wrap or twist scarves for headwear. The workshop is offered every second Thursday of the month at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. The workshop is open to all patients, survivors with long-term hair [...]
May 08 2017

“Polly’s Run” Raises Awareness, Money and Hope to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Largest pancreatic cancer fundraiser in New Mexico takes place June 4, 2017

What The eighth annual “Polly’s Run” raises awareness for pancreatic cancer, honors pancreatic survivors and all those who face the disease, and raises money for pancreatic cancer research. Albuquerque Pet Memorial Services sponsors the event. All proceeds benefit The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Why Polly Rogers battled [...]
April 17 2017

Swimmers to ‘Splash Away Cancer’ at Annual Event

Third annual swimming fundraiser takes place Saturday, May 20, to support cancer research and patient care programs at UNM Cancer Center.

What The third annual “Splash Away Cancer!” fundraising event takes place May 20, 2017. All proceeds support cancer research and patient care programs at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. The event is sponsored by Lobo Aquatic Club, 93.3 KOB-FM, UNM Recreational Services, New Mexico Masters Swimming, Genesis [...]
April 05 2017

Annual Lobos vs. Cancer Gala Celebrates Tenth Year of Fighting Cancer

Black-tie event, slated for May 20, 2017, has raised more than half a million dollars in past nine years

Like a pack of lobos facing a foe, Season Elliott and her team are gearing up to fight cancer. Elliott leads the volunteer organizing team for the Lobos vs. Cancer Gala event, which will celebrate its tenth year on Saturday, May 20. The event raises money for cancer research and [...]
March 30 2017

Superheroes to Support Cancer Research

Third annual Kevin Rudi Superhero 5K Fun Run takes place April 29 in Las Cruces, raises money for cancer research at UNM Cancer Center

What The Kevin Rudi Foundation will host its third annual Superhero 5K Fun Run to raise money for sarcoma research at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Why Kevin Rudi was 27 years old when he passed away November 12, 2014, from spindle cell sarcoma. His New Mexico [...]
March 13 2017

Annual Motorcycle Ride Supports Cancer Treatment and Research in New Mexico

“Ride for the Cure NM” event slated for March 25

What The “Ride for the Cure NM” event is an annual motorcycle ride to raise money and awareness for cancer treatment and research in New Mexico. Why The ride benefits patient programs and cancer research at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. The ride started 11 years ago [...]
March 08 2017

UNM Cancer Center Part of National Colorectal Cancer Screening Effort

NCI’s Screen 2 Save program seeks to increase colorectal cancer screening rates, decrease cancers; program is part UNM Cancer Center’s outreach

The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center joined the National Cancer Institute and about 48 other sites to increase colorectal cancer screening rates. Colorectal cancer is one of the few cancer types, of the more than 100 known cancer types, for which screening has been proven to reduce the [...]
February 17 2017

Annual Benefit Basketball Game Helps All New Mexicans

The New Mexico Senate “Lobos” tip off against the House of Representatives “Aggies” on Wednesday, March 1, at Santa Fe High School. The hotly-contested game is a fun event for those on the court, on the bench and in the stands. But everyone knows that the real opponent is cancer. [...]
February 08 2017

Lobos Love Pink Week Raises Awareness for Breast Cancer, Celebrates Survivors

UNM Lobo Men’s and Women’s Basketball honors those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer with games on Feb.14 and Feb. 18

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, The University of New Mexico Lobo Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are joining forces to honor all those who have beaten breast cancer, still face it, or have lost to it. They plan to hold their Lobos Love Pink basketball games during the same week to [...]
February 07 2017

UNM Cancer Center Researcher Discovers New Class of Drugs to Combat Aging Diseases

New drug blocks cells from producing a reactive oxygen species, could help to manage chronic and aging diseases, including cancer

The mysterious, complex and inescapable process of aging often comes with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Recently, scientists at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center uncovered new details of the aging process. The team also discovered a new class of drugs that combats an important [...]
January 31 2017

Drugs, Diseases and Proteins: New Archive Helps Precision Medicine, Drug Development

UNM Cancer Center Scientist co-leads international drug targets effort to create open-source archive for drug discovery, development, and safety

Most aspirin users don’t know what aspirin does to make you feel better. Most doctors and scientists didn’t know, either, until recently. In fact, scientists know how only a handful of drugs really work and they know that drugs can have different effects on different people. That’s why Tudor Oprea, [...]
January 09 2017

New Clinical Trial Combines Two Methods to Defeat Ovarian Cancer

New clinical trial offers combination therapy to directly kill cancer cells and teach the immune system to keep them from coming back.

Fewer than half of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer live for five years or more. Sarah Adams, MD, hopes her new clinical trial will change this outcome. Adams recently opened a clinical trial at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center to test a new approach to defeat ovarian [...]
November 03 2016

Study Shows How Smoking Causes the Changes that Lead to Lung Cancer

New study finds smokers accumulate 150 extra genetic changes in every lung cell for each year of smoking one packet of cigarettes per day

What A paper published today in Science shows that smoking tobacco causes added mutations in the DNA of lung cells and in the DNA of other cells in the body. This is the first study to show the process by which smoking causes these cancers. Why Mutations are changes in [...]
October 04 2016

Bikers Ride for Breast Cancer Awareness

Turquoise Trail Ladies of Harley organize second annual “Pink Your Ride — Motorcyclists Increasing Awareness (MIA)” ride

What The Turquoise Trail Harley Owner’s Group will end its second annual “Pink Your Ride — Motorcyclists Increasing Awareness (MIA)” ride at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Why The Turquoise Trail HOG Chapter decided last year to join a Pennsylvania HOG Chapter in  increasing awareness of breast [...]
September 29 2016

New Research Shows HPV Vaccine Reduces Cervical Pre-Cancers In Young Women

Incidence rates of cervical pre-cancers in young women decrease statewide after HPV vaccine offered

Every 20 minutes, someone in the United States receives a cancer diagnosis related to human papillomavirus. HPV causes cancer of the cervix, anus and throat. The HPV vaccine can prevent infections causing most of these kinds of cancer if people receive it before being exposed to the virus. But fewer [...]
September 27 2016

HERO Event Celebrates People Who Take Part in Cancer Clinical Research

The Helping to Enhance Research in Oncology program’s ninth annual event raises awareness of and offers free education seminars about clinical trials

What The ninth annual Helping to Enhance Research in Oncology event will honor those who take part in cancer clinical trials. The event will also raise awareness for the importance of cancer clinical trials and will offer education sessions about clinical trials that are free and open to the public. [...]
September 06 2016

New Treatment May Help Those with Rare Immune Cancers

Clinical trial shows new drug holds promise for treating advanced mastocytosis

Most people have never heard of mastocytosis. It’s a rare, sometimes deadly, immune disorder. Now new research may help those with advanced mastocytosis and possibly many more people, too. “This is the first drug that’s shown to be effective in this very rare disease,” says Tracy George, MD, at the [...]
August 29 2016

Researcher to Study a Two-Pronged Approach Against Colorectal Cancers

$1.7 Million federal grant is supporting research at the UNM Cancer Center on new method to slow tumor growth and turn the immune system on tumors

Ellen Beswick, PhD, studies a protein that could be key in attacking cancers of the colon and rectum, and possibly other cancers, too. Beswick studies granulocyte-colony stimulating factor, or G-CSF, and its receptor. It’s a signaling protein that helps bone marrow stem cells to mature into different types of blood [...]
August 16 2016

Cowboys Gear Up for New Mexico’s Largest Annual Cancer Research Fundraiser

Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction slated for October 7, 2016, in Las Cruces

Cowboys for Cancer Research will continue its annual fundraising tradition with a celebratory dinner, dance and silent auction. All proceeds benefit cancer research in New Mexico. The event will feature music by Will Banister & the Modern Day Ramblers. Proceeds from the event fund innovative cancer research at The University [...]
July 19 2016

UNM Cancer Center Scientists Use Already-Approved Drugs to Force Cancer Cell Death

Scientists discover how leukemia cells escape programmed cell death and how anti-malarial and anti-fungal drugs can force them into self-destructing

Cancer cells don’t die when they’re supposed to. Animal and human bodies follow an orderly process of birthing new cells and killing old ones. But cancer cells escape programmed cell death, called apoptosis, and multiply uncontrollably. Now new research from The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center sheds light [...]
July 13 2016

HPV Vaccine Can Protect Women Across a Broad Age Range

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center scientist led international team that shows HPV vaccine protects women 26 years and older

What A research paper published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases reported that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is safe and efficacious across a wide age range of women. The international study found that it protects against HPV infection in women older than 26 years. Vaccination programs worldwide currently target routine [...]
June 24 2016

Bidens’ Cancer Moonshot Summit to Bring National Cancer Community Together

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Invited Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, DC, and local summit to be held Wednesday, June 29

What Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden will host a Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, D.C. at the White House. Cheryl Willman, MD, Director and CEO of The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center, will attend. At the same time, the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center will host a [...]
June 21 2016

Telephones Can Bring Cancer Genetic Counseling to Rural Women

New follow up study shows cancer genetic counseling delivered by telephone as good as in-person counseling

Ever since Angelina Jolie used cancer genetic counseling and testing to learn about her risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, many other women have chosen to do the same. But for women in rural communities, traveling to meet in person with cancer genetic counselors can be time-consuming and expensive. [...]
June 09 2016

UNM Health Sciences Center Wins Award to Expand Drug Development

UNM wins $375,000 subcontract, adds new UNM Center of Excellence as one of seven Dedicated Centers to its Elite Drug Development Program

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center has joined a national network of scientists on the leading edge of drug discovery and development in the fight against cancer, centered at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. The Frederick National Lab, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, is managing [...]
June 01 2016

$750,000 Gift to Benefit Cancer Research at UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

Gift from Wood Estate and Trust will support a comprehensive approach to cancer research and patient care delivery

The Estate of Dana C. Wood and the Dana C. Wood Revocable Trust have provided a $750,000 gift to The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. The gift has been matched by the New Mexico Higher Education Department through its Higher Education Endowment Fund program. The UNM Comprehensive Cancer [...]
May 17 2016

State Helping New Mexico Women Get 3D Mammograms

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center using $250,000 state appropriation to offer 3D mammography to women who qualify in New Mexico

What A $250,000 state appropriation is helping eligible New Mexico women to get three-dimensional mammography through The University of New Mexico Hospital and the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Why Also called “tomosynthesis,” 3D mammography uses many x-ray images to create a 3D picture of the breast. When combined with two [...]
May 04 2016

Pancreatic Cancer Walk/Run to Raise Awareness and Money for Research

Largest fundraising event for pancreatic cancer in New Mexico, “Polly’s Run” to take place June 4 and benefit UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

What The seventh annual “Polly’s Run” event raises awareness for pancreatic cancer and money for research. The event is sponsored by Albuquerque Pet Memorial Services. The majority of the proceeds will benefit The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Why Polly Rogers was a healthy, non-smoking wife and mother [...]
April 28 2016

A Breast Cancer Awareness Legacy Lives On

Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation passes torch for breast cancer support and awareness to four New Mexico organizations

The Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation announced that it has donated to four New Mexico organizations to support women battling breast cancer. The foundation was started in 1990 to help women in New Mexico diagnosed with breast cancer and to help their families. After 25 years of bringing sweeping social change [...]
April 12 2016

Swimmers to Support Cancer Research and Treatment

Second annual Splash Away Cancer! event to take place May 21, benefits UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

What The second annual “Splash Away Cancer!” event raises money for cancer research and treatment at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. The event is sponsored by the Lobo Aquatic Club, UNM Recreational Services and New Mexico Masters Swimming. Why The event celebrates swimmers and all those whose [...]
April 04 2016

National Cancer Institute Leader to Visit UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute Douglas R. Lowy, MD, visits April 8 to discuss cancer research and treatment efforts in the Southwest

What National Cancer Institute Acting Director Douglas R. Lowy, MD, will visit the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center April 8, 2016. Cheryl Willman, MD, the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Director and CEO, will join him in meetings with several other top officials in the state, at the university, [...]
March 28 2016

The Real Superheroes Run Among Us: Fun Run to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Second annual Kevin Rudi Superhero 5K Fun Run slated April 23 in Las Cruces

What The second annual Kevin Rudi Superhero 5K Fun Run will start and end by the Memorial Stadium Field House in Las Cruces. Money raised for sarcoma research will benefit The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Why Kevin Rudi passed away November 12, 2014, from spindle cell sarcoma. [...]
March 14 2016

Bikers Ride Again to Support Cancer Treatment and Research

What The “Ride for the Cure NM” event will begin with a motorcycle ride from Tijeras and end in Edgewood. Why The annual motorcycle ride will raise money for the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. The money helps New Mexicans fighting cancer and supports cancer research at the [...]
February 10 2016

Annual “Lobos Love Pink” Basketball Game Celebrates Breast Cancer Survivors

Lobo Women’s basketball game raises awareness for breast cancer

Year after year, breast cancer affects New Mexico’s women. And year after year, the University of New Mexico Lobos support those women and raise awareness of breast cancer by playing a game in their honor. This year, the game in their honor will be played on February 20, 2016 against [...]
February 09 2016

Clinical Trial Offers New Drug Combo to Fight Lung Cancer

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Opens First of Many Lung Cancer Clinical Trials using advanced immunotherapy drug combinations

The 1,000 people in New Mexico fighting lung cancer may soon be able to breathe easier. The first of more than 10 new lung cancer clinical trials has just opened under the direction of Yanis Boumber, MD, PhD. Boumber is a lung cancer expert and physician-scientist at the University of [...]
February 04 2016

‘Spectrum’ Show Celebrates Link Between Art and Science

Annual Art of Systems Biology and Nanoscience show slated for March 18, 19 at Peters Projects Gallery, Santa Fe, features works from artists and scientists

DaVinci knew it. Michaelangelo knew it. And the artists and scientists featured in the annual Art of Systems Biology and Nanoscience show know it, too: art and science are closely related. This year’s show, ‘Spectrum,’ will feature stunning artwork by artists inspired by nature and dazzling images by scientists studying [...]
February 03 2016

Immune Therapy for Brain Tumors: A New Promising Avenue

Clinical Trial update presented by UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Leaders at international Neuro-Oncology meeting; UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center opens new clinical trial testing immune therapies for glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive type of brain cancer. Only about one fifth of adults diagnosed with it survive two years or more after their diagnosis. A new two-drug combination, currently in early clinical trials, might help people diagnosed with glioblastoma to fight the disease. In a presentation of early [...]
January 27 2016

Cancer Centers Promote HPV Vaccination for Cancer Prevention

NCI-designated cancer center leaders unite to support HPV vaccination to prevent cervical and throat cancers during January, Cervical Cancer Month

View the Consensus Statement Leaders of several cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute have united to support human papillomavirus vaccination. Among them is Cheryl Willman, MD, Director and CEO of the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. A team of human papillomavirus experts drafted a consensus statement [...]
January 26 2016

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Invited to White House

Cheryl L. Willman, MD, invited to Washington DC to Brief President Obama’s and Vice President Biden’s Staffs on New National Cancer Initiative

What Vice President Joe Biden’s office has invited a delegation of six cancer experts to a meeting with his scientific staff and President Obama’s scientific staff to discuss new national cancer initiatives in precision medicine, research and cancer clinical trials. Cheryl L. Willman, MD, director and CEO of the University [...]
January 21 2016

Bad Company: What’s Around a Tumor Might Help It Grow Back

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center physician-scientist garners grant to study how the cells around a cancer tumor might help it

Gregory Gan, MD, PhD, doesn’t just study cancer cells to find out why they regrow and spread; he also studies their surroundings. Called the tumor microenvironment, cells around a tumor create the scaffold in which the cancer cells live. Gan thinks the tumor microenvironments may help head and neck tumors [...]
January 19 2016

Annual Basketball Game Benefits New Mexico Cancer Treatment and Research

State legislature “Hoops 4 Hope” game pits Senators against Representatives in a benefit game to support UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

State legislators aren’t known for their prowess on the basketball court, but that hasn’t stopped them from playing seriously in the annual “Hoops 4 Hope” game. Legislators of all skill levels play in the hotly-contested game that pits the House “Aggies” against the Senate “Lobos.” The legislators enjoy the game, [...]