Cancer Genetic Assessments

If cancer runs in your family, your medical team may suggest a cancer genetic assessment to find out if your cancer is hereditary. The results may mean different choices for your treatment plan.

For the assessment, our cancer genetic counselor will ask you about your family’s medical history. Your counselor may also get results from some of your tests. The counselor will use the information to tell you what your data can and cannot reveal about your risks.

The UNM Cancer Center’s Hereditary Cancer Assessment Program provides cancer genetic counseling and testing. It is available for people who want to learn if they have a higher risk for getting cancer based on their family history. In most cases, people with an increased risk of hereditary cancer:

  • have family members with more than one case of cancer
  • have more than one family member with related or the same types of cancers
  • were diagnosed with certain cancers before age 45

Ask your doctor if you would benefit from cancer genetic counseling and testing.

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