Patient Services

Patient Services Team

Members of the UNM Cancer Center Patient Administration Services Team

Throughout your cancer care, you may have questions about payment, financial assistance and your medical records. The offices below will be able to answer your questions related to all aspects of patient administration.

New Patient Scheduling | 505-272-2839
Established Patient Scheduling | 505-272-4946

When you call to schedule your appointment, our staff will tell you what you need to bring to your appointment. They will also answer any questions you may have. To cancel or reschedule appointments, please call 505-272-4946 at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you are a new patient, you may download our New Patient Packet to fill out and bring with you.

Clinical Administrative Support Desk | 505-272-4946

The staff at the Clinical Administrative Support Desk assists callers and community healthcare professionals with general information related to the Cancer Center and our providers. They help direct patient health-related issues to the appropriate healthcare provider. They also assist with prescription refills, tracking new patient records from outside facilities, verifying UNM Cancer Center and UNM Hospital medical appointments and labs, and troubleshoot and resolve patient scheduling issues.

Billing | 505-925-6617

The Billing Office helps patients to obtain insurance authorizations to receive treatment, and bills for the services provided. However, it is your responsibility to understand the terms of your healthcare plans. You may receive statements from different sources including the UNM Medical Group and UNM Hospitals. Both of these sources work together at the UNM Cancer Center to provide services to our patients.

Financial Assistance | 505-925-6617

The Financial Assistance Office is available for patients who do not have health insurance and need help paying their medical bills. Our financial assistance staff can determine if patients meet specific criteria required to apply for financial assistance programs. They can also help patients create a payment plan to cover their medical treatments.

General Services Assistants (GSAs) | 505-925-0101

The General Services Assistants serve our patients in a variety of ways. GSAs provide wheelchairs, transport assistance, patient parking passes, and directions and maps to other clinics. GSAs will valet park your vehicle upon request, and can assist you with transportation needs by calling cabs or other city transportation services. To request any of these services, please see a General Services Assistant at the desk located at the entrance of the UNM Cancer Center, or call the number above.

Interpreter Language Services (ILS) | 505-272-5399

UNM Hospital Interpreters are available to facilitate communication among patients, their families and their healthcare team in the following languages: Spanish, Navajo, Vietnamese and Sign. Interpreters are available during clinic visits to translate consents and assist in family and medical team conferences, patient education and any other special requests. Interpreters can be provided via telephone services when an on-site interpreter is not available or for languages staff interpreters do not speak. If you need an interpreter, please request one when you schedule each appointment. For general information call 505-272-5399.

Medical Records | 505-925-0106

In accordance with HIPAA regulations, patients may request copies of their medical records for personal use by contacting our Medical Records Office.

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