Clinical Services

During your treatment, you may need to use clinical services that are directly related to your cancer care. If you need assistance, your Patient Navigator will be happy to connect you with these resources.

Prescription Refills | 505-925-0290

If your prescription still has refills available please contact your pharmacy. If you use the UNM Cancer Center pharmacy, you can call our patient line anytime at 505-272-1700 to place your order.

If you need authorization for more prescription refills, please call your pharmacy directly. If you need assistance call 505-925-0290 and leave your information. We will work with your provider to get your prescription refilled. You can also call 505-272-4946 and our team will be able to assist you. Please note: we require two business days to complete refill requests.

Laboratory | 505-272-4946

The UNM Cancer Center has its own laboratory to perform most lab tests on site. You will receive a separate bill from UNM Hospitals for laboratory services. If you choose to have your blood drawn at a different laboratory, or if your doctor or insurance provider tells you that you must do so: 1) ask your doctor for a prescription and instructions for getting your blood tested at a lab that is not part of the UNM System; 2) ask the lab for a copy of your blood results and bring them with you to your next appointment; and 3) ask the lab to fax your blood results to your doctor at the UNM Cancer Center at 505-925-0100. Please have your lab tests completed one or two days before your appointment.

Imaging/UNM Hospitals | 505-272-4545

The UNM Hospitals/Department of Radiology provides diagnostic and interventional imaging services for the UNM Cancer Center. Radiology involves a team of highly dedicated physicians, nurses, technologists and staff specializing in imaging for screening, diagnosis, intervention and surveillance. Your doctor will order imaging or image-guided procedures, when indicated, and will review the results with you, usually after consultation with the radiologist who interprets your examination. If your physician orders an imaging service, you will receive a call from the UNM Hospitals/Department of Radiology to schedule the procedure. If you do not receive that call within three working days after your appointment with your doctor, please call 505-272-4545.

Hereditary Cancer Assessment Program | 505-925-0156

The UNM Cancer Center’s Hereditary Cancer Assessment Program provides genetic counseling and testing relevant to cancer. It is available for people who want to determine if they have a higher risk for developing cancer based on their family history. Generally, people with an increased risk of hereditary cancer are those who 1) have family members with multiple cases of cancer, 2) have multiple family members with related or the same types of cancers and/or 3) were diagnosed with certain cancers before age 45. Ask your doctor if you would benefit from genetic counseling and testing.

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