Skin Cancers

Some of the most advanced — and most exciting —  changes in cancer therapies today are being used to treat skin cancer. Our patients took part in a large international study that tested immunotherapy in skin cancer.

We are also bringing the next generation of treatment for metastatic skin cancer.

Our Skin Cancers Team brings the latest research and treatment from all over the world to help New Mexicans diagnosed with skin cancer.

“We stand at the forefront of development of the third generation of immunotherapies for locally advanced and metastatic melanomas.”

– Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD


Meet the Skin Cancer Team

Offering services for:
   • Cutaneous clinic
   • Biopsies
   • Mohs surgeries
   • Skin imaging
   • Rare skin cancers
   • Inherited skin cancers

Medical Oncologists

...  bring the latest melanoma and other skin cancer clinical trials. Some of the trials use the newest immune therapy drugs which have had dramatic effects. Clinical trial treatments can blend well with traditional chemotherapy and with targeted therapy.

Surgical Oncologists

... offer different methods of removing skin lesions to diagnose skin cancer and to treat it. We can now remove less tissue (2 cm instead of 4 cm excision) to speed healing while removing the cancer.



new cases of Melanoma estimated in New Mexico for 2018

Source: American Cancer Society