Pilot Project Program

The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UNMCCC) provides funds to its members through multiple pilot grant award mechanisms with the purpose of supporting the acquisition of cancer relevant preliminary data that will lead to external grant funding and published work by Cancer Center members. Priority for these awards is given to innovative cancer-focused research that advances the goals of the UNMCCC Research Programs and Clinical Working Groups. These pilot projects cover clinical, basic, and population science research and span in size and complexity from post-doctoral and graduate student matching, to mid-range project development, to large scale collaborative efforts between multiple labs. Below please find an outline of each funding mechanism, associated deadlines, contact information and a link to the RFA for each award.

Please contact UNMCC-PilotProgram@salud.unm.edu for any general questions. Contacts for each pilot program are listed below for more technical question. We look forward to hearing about your novel ideas in your research proposals!

Application: Pilot Project Application

Special Funding Opportunities

UNM CCC Pilot: Cancer Research Grant
UNM CCC Pilots: BRCA 1,2 Collaborative Team Award

FY2017 Pilot Project Due Dates

5/15/2017 – Shared Resources
Ongoing – Bridge, Large Programmatic, EPCRS, Near Pay Line Resubmissions & Off-Setting Cuts

FY2018 Pilot Project Due Dates

8/14/2017 – Shared Resources & Matching Support
9/4/2017 – Research Program Pilots (CaC, TCBS, CGEG, CT)
11/13/2017 – Shared Resources
2/12/2018 – Shared Resources & Matching Support
5/14/2018 – Shared Resources

Research Program Opportunities

Other Opportunities