Biostatistics Support Request Form

To request support from the Biostatistics Shared Resource, please complete this form. Your request will be reviewed promptly and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your project, including outlining how and when the resource can assist you.

Guidelines for Working with the Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR)

Please review the guidelines for working with faculty in the BSR:

  • Although the purpose of the BSR is to provide support to UNM Cancer Center members, the preferred mode of interaction is through productive collaborations in which biostatistics faculty become long-term collaborators within research teams, with funding from grants.
  • Please provide sufficient lead time. Examples of time guidelines are:
    • Grant submission with basic statistical support: 1 month
    • Grant submission with major statistical collaboration: 3 months
    • Grant submission with multiple projects: 4 months
    • Letter of support for grant: 1 week
  • What to expect after request submission:
    • Investigators will be contacted to set up a meeting to further discuss proposal with assigned statistician
    • Any request for inclusion of a statistician within a Grant proposal requires this additional document which will be completed by the PI and the primary statistician assigned to their project.

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Research Project Background

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 Study design Sample size and power calculations Planning for statistical analysis of data Statistical genetics expertise Writing sections of grant proposal or protocol Writing appropriate manuscript sections Generation of figures for publication

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For Grant or Contract Proposals

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For All Other Projects

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