Postdoctoral Opportunities

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February 20 2017

Biostatistics Fellow Position

Duties and Responsibilities Develop new statistical methodology for large-scale genetic association studies and next generation sequencing studies. Analyze, interpret and present genetic and environmental factors that are associated with cancer risk, progression and survival using advanced statistical methods and co-author peer reviewed papers. Participate in study design, grant writing, data [...]
February 14 2017

Lee Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Gene Regulation and Chromatin Biology

About the Opportunity We have an exciting opportunity for a postdoctoral fellow to unravel the secrets of cancer biology. The candidate should have a PhD or MD/PhD, and a strong foundation in transcription, epigenetics, RNA biology and genomics with demonstrated publications. The candidate will work independently to generate hypothesis and [...]
March 01 2016

Adams Lab Postdoctoral Fellow in Ovarian Cancer Research

About the Opportunity Candidates for this position should have a PhD or MD and a strong foundation in cellular immunology, with experience in immunologic assays, flow cytometry, and animal work. Fellows will be expected to develop and test hypotheses, to design and conduct experiments, to interpret data and prepare figures [...]
October 30 2015

Fero Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

About the Two Postdoctoral Fellow Positions Candidates will have a choice of research projects that focus on the development of technologies to genetically modify hematopoietic stem cells for the treatment of benign and malignant hematopoietic disease, or the study of the molecular mechanisms involved in oncogenesis by the human papilloma [...]