Cancer Control

Program Leaders:  Anita Kinney, RN, PhD, and Linda Cook, PhD

Linda Cook, PhD

Linda Cook, PhD

Anita Kinney, PhD

Anita Kinney, RN, PhD

The Cancer Control Research Program is a newly restructured transdisciplinary program that serves as the hub for cancer control and population science research within the University of New Mexico Cancer Center and the State of New Mexico, our catchment area. The Program’s overall goal is to reduce cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality, particularly in the unique multiethnic and underserved populations of New Mexico. Disparities research is a cross-cutting theme that fosters scientific focus and synergy across the research areas.

The specific aims of the Cancer Control Research Program are:

  1. Cancer Risk Prediction and Risk Reduction: Elucidate factors predicting cancer susceptibility and develop and evaluate interventions to reduce risk.
  2. Cancer Screening: Identify factors associated with cancer screening and use this information to develop targeted interventions to detect cancer early.
  3. Cancer Outcomes and Survivorship: Identify determinants of adverse cancer outcomes and develop and evaluate interventions to improve survivorship.

Led by Linda Cook, PhD and Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, the Cancer Control Program is comprised of 28 members (19 full and 9 associate) from 7 UNM schools and departments, the Lovelace Respiratory Institute, and the Indian Health Service Unit of the Centers for Disease Control.

Their work is supported by $19,276,863 million in annual direct cost funding, of which $15,429,911 million is peer-reviewed and $3,137,820 million is from NCI as of 9/1/2014. The discoveries made in this Program have resulted 294 publications, of which 19% are intra-programmatic collaborations and 16% are inter-programmatic collaborations; with a total UNM Cancer Center and external collaborative publication level of 30% and 80%, respectively.

Cancer Control Researchers