Cancer Therapeutics: Technology, Discovery & Targeted Delivery


Larry Sklar, PhD

Program Leader: Larry Sklar, PhD

Cancer Therapeutics is a new research program developed through rigorous program planning and evaluation. Building from its origins in the Cancer Biotechnology component of the former Cancer Biology & Biotechnology Program, Cancer Therapeutics has retained and acquired scientific expertise in small molecule discovery and drug repurposing, combinatorial targeting of peptide and antibody phage display libraries, nanoparticle and virus-like particle (VLP)-based drug delivery, as well as imaging and isotopes.The program is led by Larry Sklar, PhD, and Renata Pasqualini, PhD. Dr. Sklar is an expert in leukocyte biology and drug discovery and/or repurposing while Dr. Pasqualini is an expert in vascular targeting whose pivotal work in vivo with phage display has led to extensive pre-clinical and clinical applications; both leaders are experienced in translation and commercialization.

Through the strategic recruitment of new talented faculty and infrastructure reorganization, the Cancer Therapeutics research program translational pipeline is expanding through:

  • small molecule discovery and drug repurposing, flow cytometry technology and cheminformatics;
  • combinatorial targeting through selection of peptide and antibody phage display libraries;
  • targeted ligand-directed delivery coupled to material nanofabrication, predictive mathematical methodology, and molecular imaging; and
  • early translation into clinical application.

The program consists of a multidisciplinary team of 43 (27 full and 16 associate members) of basic, translational and clinical investigators assembled from 5 Departments in the UNM School of Medicine, 2 in the UNM College of Engineering, the UNM College of Pharmacy, New Mexico State University, and our UNM Cancer Center (UNMCC) consortium partners: Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI) and Sandia (SNL) and Los Alamos National (LANL) Laboratories.During the prior funding period (from 1/1/10 to 9/1/2014), program members published 336 original peer-reviewed articles and reviews (37% intra-programmatic and 24% inter-programmatic) and participated in 6 investigator-initiated trials. As of 9/1/14, program funding is $16,076,676 in annual direct costs, of which $14,196,182 is peer-reviewed direct funding and $3,105,330 is from the NCI.

Cancer Therapeutics Researchers

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