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October 3rd, 2016

Different Treatment Options Appear Equally Effective in Early Prostate Cancer


Among men with early prostate cancer that is detected through prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing, treatment with either surgery, radiation therapy, or monitoring until progression all appear to provide approximately the same survival rates at 10 years. Spread of cancer, however, was higher among those whose cancer was monitored until progression. These results were recently published […]

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November 4th, 2015

Combined Hormone and Radiation Therapy Superior to Radiation Alone for Prostate Cancer Recurring After Prostatectomy


The addition of two years of anti-androgen therapy (AAT) to radiation therapy reduces the risk of death caused by prostate cancer among men treated for a recurrence following a prostatectomy. Treatment for early prostate cancer often includes the surgical removal of the prostate (prostatectomy). Unfortunately, some patients will experience a cancer recurrence following surgery. Treatment […]

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