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Dual-Function Virus Engineered to Kill Tumor Cells and Support Immune Cells

Researchers have engineered an oncolytic virus to kill cancer cells and boost the immune response against tumors. In a new study, the virus provided T cells around tumors with a hormone they need for their own cell-killing functions.

HPV Vaccine May Provide Men with “Herd Immunity” against Oral HPV Infections

Oral HPV infections cause over 70% of all oropharyngeal cancers in the United States. In a new study of adults aged 18‒59, the rate of HPV vaccination rose from 0% to 6% for men, while oral HPV infections fell by 37% among unvaccinated men.

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After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Men May Be More Likely to Die than Women

Men with breast cancer may be more likely to die of the disease than women, particularly during the first 5 years after diagnosis, a new study suggests. The higher likelihood of death was linked in part to undertreatment and later diagnosis.

Selpercatinib Shows Promise against Lung Cancers with Alterations in RET Gene

The investigational drug selpercatinib may benefit patients with lung cancer whose tumors have alterations in the RET gene, including fusions with other genes, according to results from a small clinical trial.

For Children with Neuroblastoma, Trial Results Highlight Continued Evolution of Treatment

For many children with high-risk neuroblastoma, receiving two separate stem cell transplants is more beneficial than receiving one, according to the results of an NCI-supported clinical trial conducted by the Children’s Oncology Group.

FDA Approves Entrectinib Based on Tumor Genetics Rather Than Cancer Type

FDA has approved entrectinib (Rozlytrek) for the treatment of children and adults with tumors bearing an NTRK gene fusion. The approval also covers adults with non-small cell lung cancer harboring a ROS1 gene fusion.

Pediatricians’ Offices Can Help Parents Quit Smoking, Study Shows

Researchers tested a program that trains pediatricians’ offices to provide smoking cessation treatment to parents during visits with their child’s doctor. The approach is intended to reach adults who are motivated to quit to protect their child’s health.

To Treat Pancreatic Cancer, Mouse Study Suggests Altering Tumor Microbiome

In people with pancreatic cancer, the makeup of bacteria that populate their tumors could predict how long they live, results from a new study suggest. Experiments in mice suggested that altering the tumor microbiome could play a role in treatment.

For Some Women with Breast Cancer, Cost Influences Decisions about Surgery

In a survey of nearly 600 breast cancer survivors, researchers found that the cost of care factored into the decisions the women made about what type of surgery to get. Many women also reported never discussing costs with their physicians.