Lobos Love Pink!

Show Your Support — Wear Pink!

The University of New Mexico UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center promotes breast cancer awareness in the months of October and February through events and screenings. Schedule your screening today and visit this page to learn about our events.


Because of COVID-19 orders, we do not have any Lobos Love Pink games scheduled.

Get Screened

Lobos Love Pink! encourages you and your loved ones to schedule a mammogram.

An estimated 1,570 women in New Mexico will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020*

Make an Appointment Today

Call UNM Radiology and Imaging Services at 505-272-4545.

You may also sign up for an annual screening reminder through the American Cancer Society.

Early Detection

“Fortunately in breast cancer, most patients are cured of their disease,” says Ursa Brown-Glaberman, MD.

“The key is to find the disease early when it is still curable.” Brown-Glaberman is a breast cancer specialist at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. She and the rest of the multidisciplinary breast team not only treat women with breast cancer but also conduct breast cancer research and pioneer new treatment methods.

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women in the United States. After lung cancer, it is the second leading cause of cancer death among women of all races and populations.

Breast cancer produces virtually no symptoms when the tumor is small and most treatable. That’s why screening to detect breast cancer at an early stage is very important. The five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer that has not spread is 99 percent; but, if the cancer has spread to distant organs, the survival rate drops to 26 percent. The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center recommends that women talk to their doctor about what they can do to prevent breast cancer and about regular screenings to detect breast cancer.

About Our Breast Cancer Team

If you or a loved one is facing breast cancer, you want the best treatments and the best care available. The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center team offers:

The Best in Breast Cancer Treatment...

  • Partial breast radiation
  • Access to dozens of breast cancer clinical trials
  • Minimally invasive breast surgery
  • Skin-sparing and nipple-sparing surgery
  • Immediate reconstruction with microsurgical flap grafting or fat grafting
  • Seed localization techniques for more comfortable surgery

...from New Mexico’s Most Qualified Team...

  • Fellowship-trained breast medical oncologists and surgical oncologists
  • The only Certified Cancer Genetics Counselors in New Mexico
  • A team approach to care that taps into each member’s expertise

...that Cares from Start to Finish

  • Screening, diagnosis and genetic counseling
  • Personalized care plans based on your unique situation
  • Survivorship clinic to support quality of life after treatment
  • Social, financial and emotional support services for patients and their families

Contact us at: 505-272-4946  or statewide at  1-800-432-6806.

*American Cancer Society