Marianne Berwick, PhD

Marianne Berwick, PhD

Faculty Titles
Distinguished Professor,
Department of Internal Medicine,
Division of Epidemiology

Research Program
Cancer Control

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Expertise, Certifications and Memberships
Melanoma, DNA repair capacity and cancer disparities in New Mexico.

Personal Statement

I have worked in the area of cancer prevention and etiology for the past 29 years – first at Yale University, then at the Cancer Prevention Research Institute in New York City, followed by 10 years at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center prior to moving to New Mexico. I have mentored many individuals and have been a well-funded epidemiologist for 32 years. This is a particularly exciting time for melanoma research due to great advances in technology, allowing the accurate sequencing of paraffin-embedded tumor samples and to the tremendous advances in therapy for melanoma.

I have extensive experience in cancer genetics and germline variants in risk for melanoma. I have developed two molecular epidemiology laboratories – one at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and one at the University of New Mexico, so I have extensive understanding of laboratory methods for molecular and genetic epidemiology.