Mingrui Duan, PhD

Mingrui Duan, PhD

Faculty Titles
Research Assistant Professor

Research Program
Cellular and Molecular Oncology

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Graduate School
Peking University (2005)

Personal Statement

My research interest lies in the molecular mechanism of DNA repair in response to environmental carcinogens in the context of chromatin in eukaryotes. In recent years, my research has been focused on utilizing novel genomic approaches and bioinformatics tools to characterize DNA lesion formation and repair at single-nucleotide resolution to generate genome-wide DNA damage and repair maps. I am particular interested in the damage formation and repair of photolesions induced by UV irradiation, which is the main risk factor for skin cancers. I am also interested in investigating the regulation of DNA alkylation damage which is a class of damage that is induced by alkylating agents. Alkylating agents have been widely used in chemotherapy. Understanding the repair mechanism of this class of non-helix-distorting DNA damage will help us understand the molecular mechanisms of chemo resistance associated with alkylating agents and develop new treatments to reverse the widely observed drug resistance.