Press Releases 2013

December 16 2013

Stewart Named to National Cancer Research Forum Committee

Teresa Stewart to Join American Society of Clinical Oncology Committee

View PDF Of the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s 30,000 members, only 10 sit on the cancer Research Forum Committee; Teresa Stewart is now among those few. Ms. Stewart is the Director of the Clinical Research Office at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center and the Executive Director of [...]
December 10 2013

Cancer Scientists Discover New Type of Immune Cell That Helps Tumors to Grow

Immune cells that encourage blood vessel growth in tumors could be a possible new target for anti-cancer drugs

View PDF One way to defeat an opponent is to cut off its supply lines. Tumors are no different. The supply lines for tumors are the blood vessels that ferry oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Restricting the blood vessels that feed tumor cells can shrink the tumor. A cross-institutional [...]
November 12 2013

UNM Cancer Center Scientist Named a Research Ambassador to Germany

Angela Wandinger-Ness, PhD, will help match students and faculty to German opportunities

View PDF Angela Wandinger-Ness, PhD, has a global view on scientific collaboration. As a first generation bilingual American, she has experienced how diversity in culture, opinion and backgrounds can spark scientific discovery. Dr. Wandinger-Ness completed her postdoctoral work in Germany and is an internationally-recognized expert in GTPases, the molecular switches [...]
October 28 2013

UNM Cancer Center Physician to Serve on an American Cancer Society Board

Breast cancer specialist to provide scientific expertise to ACS Great West Division Board of Directors

View PDF Melanie Royce, MD, PhD, was recently named to the American Cancer Society Great West Division Board of Directors. Dr. Royce is a Professor of Medicine at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and is Director of the Breast Multidisciplinary Clinic and Program at the UNM Cancer [...]
October 22 2013

Governor’s Cancer Panel to Convene Breast Cancer Experts at UNM Cancer Center

Several UNM Cancer Center Breast Cancer specialists to share advances in research and treatment

View PDF Governor's Breast Cancer Panel View PDF Vase Media Alert In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Governor Susana Martinez will lead and moderate a discussion by a panel of New Mexico’s experts in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center on [...]
October 07 2013

Two Talented Cancer Surgeons Join UNM Cancer Center

UNM Cancer Center Surgical Oncology Department Welcomes Colorectal and Breast specialists

View PDF The Surgical Oncology Department of the University of New Mexico Cancer Center is growing even larger. Ashwani Rajput, MD, Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology in the Department of Surgery at the UNM School of Medicine, has recently recruited two new hires for the department. Bridget Fahy, [...]
October 01 2013

Lobos Love Pink: Wear Pink, Honor Survivors

UNM Athletics, UNM Hospitals and UNM Cancer Center Honor Breast Cancer Survivors at Lobo Football Game

View PDF Breast cancer is expected to kill 240 New Mexican women this year alone and 1,360 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in the state during 2013. However, New Mexicans are not willing to sit idly by. The University of New Mexico Cancer Center and [...]
September 30 2013

Sandia National Labs and UNM Health Sciences Center win Regional Partnership Award

View PDF The strong partnership between Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center has won regional recognition. The Federal Laboratory Consortium awards the “Outstanding Regional Partnership Award” for outstanding  efforts to promote technology transfer between federal government facilities and the private or public sectors. The [...]
September 23 2013

UNM Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Receives National Accreditation

The American College of Radiology accredits the UNM Cancer Center program

View PDF The University of New Mexico Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Department recently received the widely recognized accreditation from the American College of Radiology. The ACR is comprised of over 36,000 members who aim to educate health professionals, improve the quality of care, and conduct further research in the field [...]
September 10 2013

Stepping Closer to Personalized Medicine

UNM Cancer Center Scientist wins 3-year, $1.35 million National Institutes of Health grant for genomics research

View PDF Why do some people develop disease while others with the same genetic mutation don’t? For example, the National Cancer Institute estimates that women who inherit a harmful BRCA2 mutation have a 45 percent chance of developing breast cancer by age 70. What protects the other 55 percent with [...]
September 09 2013

Cutting-Edge Surgery: a Balance of Research, Training and Care

New General Surgery Division Chief strongly focuses on UNM Surgery Department’s mission

View PDF Like a juggler keeping multiple plates in the air, a surgeon in academic medicine must balance research and medical training with outstanding patient care. Charles Bellows, MD, FACS, relishes the challenge. Dr. Bellows, a University of New Mexico Professor of General Surgery, recently assumed the role of Chief [...]
September 03 2013

Cowboys for Cancer Research Celebrates Its Heritage

New Mexico’s largest cancer fundraiser will host its 31st annual event

View PDF Cowboys for Cancer Research and the University of New Mexico Cancer Center have had a rich 30 year history. They will build upon that history even more for this year’s 31st annual fundraiser. To celebrate this long-standing event, Cowboys for Cancer Research has decided upon an old-fashion western [...]
September 03 2013

A New Face and a New Direction for UNM Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

New Division Chief brings cutting-edge techniques to make people whole again

View PDF Christopher Demas, MD, helps people put their bodies and their lives back together after dealing with devastating situations. His career has spanned over 30 years and five states and he is now bringing his caring and expertise to New Mexico. Dr. Demas is a newly hired University of [...]
August 12 2013

UNM Cancer Center Scientist Develops a Numbers Approach to Treatment

Mathematical model of cancer treatment could be used to personalize medicine

View PDF Vittorio Cristini, PhD, uses the example of an airplane to explain what he does in cancer research. “Before calculus,” he says, “people couldn’t really design a plane that would fly. You can do it by trial and error, but it would probably take centuries.” Dr. Cristini has a [...]
July 11 2013

Study Uncovers a Surprising Detail about Skin Cancer

UNM Cancer Center researcher and team find the number of primary tumors important to survival

View PDF We’ve heard the warning many times before: wear sunscreen or cover up before going out into the sun. It’s an alert worth paying attention to; the American Cancer Society expects 460 new cases to be diagnosed in 2013 in New Mexico alone. Now Marianne Berwick, PhD, and her [...]
July 01 2013

International Conference to Take a Fresh Look at a Cancer-Causing Protein

MYB Conference to foster new research efforts to study protein mutation that causes cancer

View PDF How do our cells know what to do and when to do it? To answer this fundamental question, biologists have learned much in  searching for, cataloging, and discovering the complicated interplay of the proteins within our cells. They’ve discovered that some proteins appear to control others and thus [...]
June 10 2013

A Celebration for Clinical Trial HEROes

Memorial Medical Center and New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance honor clinical trial participants

View PDF The Cancer Program at Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces reached 100 enrollments in clinical trials last month. To celebrate, MemorialMedicalCenter will host a HERO event for all southern New Mexico clinical trial participants and their guests on June 15th. The New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance, a nonprofit [...]
May 28 2013

Using One Grant to Tackle Two Diseases

UNM Cancer Center scientist receives American Heart Association Grant to discover the secrets of special blood cells

View PDF A little paper cut on your finger is much less serious than a heart attack, but in each case your blood mobilizes various types of cells to the problem site and produces new blood cells to replenish those lost. Specialized cells, called “hematopoietic stem cells,” produce the new [...]
May 20 2013

UNM Cancer Center Awarded $36,000 for Statewide Health Program

Ventanilla de Salud Program expands health-related partnerships and outreach

View PDF:  English, Español The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently awarded the UNM Cancer Center a $36,000 grant to continue its health initiatives statewide through the Ventanilla de Salud (“Health Window”) program. This is the third consecutive year that the VDS program has received substantial funds from the Mexican [...]
May 13 2013

UNM Cancer Center Recruits Four World-Renowned Cancer Experts to Top Positions

Internationally Known Physicians and Scientists Recruited from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Maryland, and the University of Utah; UNM Center Gains New Expertise in Development and Commercialization of New Cancer Drugs and Treatment of Cancers of the Prostate, Lung, Breast, and Gastrointestinal Tract

View PDF Today the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and the University of New Mexico Cancer Center announced the recruitment of four world-renowned cancer physicians and scientists. The UNM Cancer Center is the Official Cancer Center of the State of New Mexico and one of the nation’s 60 [...]
May 06 2013

UNM Cancer Center Participating in National Clinical Trial

New and different approach bridges gene therapy and immunotherapy to address intermediate and high risk prostate cancer

View PDF The University of New Mexico Cancer Center is among a few select institutions nationwide participating in a Phase 3 clinical trial studying a novel treatment for men with newly diagnosed, localized prostate cancer. In most cases, prostate cancer is detected early and eradicated.  However, even with early detection, [...]
April 22 2013

New Surgical Program Benefits Throat Cancer Patients

Less invasive technique helps patients to avoid radiation and keep swallowing

View PDF Throat cancer patients in New Mexico have a new option for treatment thanks to Andrew Cowan, MD, PhD, who is starting the trans-oral robotic surgery (TORS) program at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center. A UNM Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr. Cowan will now be able to [...]
April 17 2013

Cancer Genetics Counselor Empowers Women with Breast Cancer

Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation Spirit of Hope Award Winner Lori Ballinger helps women with breast cancer make sense of statistics and genetics

View PDF Breast cancer and statistics scare many women, but Lori Ballinger helps women and their families to contextualize these risks over their lifetimes. Ms Ballinger, Genetic Counselor at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center, is the only licensed and certified genetic counselor providing cancer genetic services in New [...]
April 12 2013

Scientists Use Abnormal DNA Repair to Selectively Target Cancer Cells

UNM Cancer Center researcher publishes two papers that describe the novel technique

View PDF Developing cancer therapies that have minimal side-effects depends upon finding and killing only the cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells alone. To selectively kill cancer cells, a cross-institution team of researchers has developed a technique that targets cancer cells’ abnormal DNA repair machinery. One member of that team [...]
March 12 2013

UNM Cancer Center Scientists Discover Novel Chemical that Controls Cell Behavior

First-in-class chemical compound might control metastases

View PDF It’s the spread of the original cancer tumor that kills most people. That’s why cancer researchers vigorously search for drugs that can prevent metastases, the spread of cancer. The research team co-led by Angela Wandinger-Ness, PhD, and Larry Sklar, PhD, at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center [...]
March 04 2013

High-Tech Art Show Reveals the Unexpected Beauty of Science

“Art of Systems Biology and Nanoscience” event exposes the exquisite world of the microscopic on March 29 and 30 in Santa Fe

View PDF What you can’t see with your naked eye may be far more beautiful than you can imagine. The goal of the “Art of Systems Biology and Nanoscience” event is to share fascinating scientific images of nature at its tiniest and most stunning. This year’s annual event runs March [...]
February 21 2013

“Hoops for Hope” Legislative Basketball Game Raises Money for UNM Cancer Center

Annual fundraiser pits the New Mexico Senate against the House

View PDF New Mexico State Senators and Representatives usually work together but on March 1, 2013, they will go head-to-head in the annual “Hoops for Hope” legislative basketball game. The game, which pits the House “Aggies” against the Senate “Lobos,” raises awareness and money for cancer treatment and research. All [...]
February 11 2013

Education Brings Hope to Communities

Breaking Down Cancer Taboos Increases Preventive Screening For Native American Communities

View PDF  Kristina Flores, PhD, UNM Research Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the UNM Cancer Center, has been collaborating with the Navajo communities To’ Hajiilee and Alamo in a community based participatory research project that aims to pinpoint and overcome barriers impacting cancer education, research, and prevention within New Mexico’s [...]
January 24 2013

“Think Pink” Basketball Game Honors Breast Cancer Survivors

Lobo Women’s basketball game raises awareness for breast cancer

View in PDF The University of New Mexico Women’s Basketball team will face fierce competition from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels on February 9. Their game will honor an even fiercer battle, the battle against breast cancer. Breast cancer took the lives of 40,589 women in the United [...]
January 07 2013

Commission on Cancer Accredits UNM Hospital Cancer Program

UNM Hospital Cancer Program achieves the maximum three-year Accreditation with Commendation

View in PDF The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons granted the University of New Mexico Hospital Cancer Program a three-year Accreditation with Commendation. “The clinical component of the Cancer Program is accredited by the Commission on Cancer,” explains Richard Lauer, MD, FACP, and UNM Cancer Center [...]