Press Releases 2014

December 02 2014

UNM Cancer Center Trains the Next Generation of Scientists

Using an Institutional Research Grant from the American Cancer Society, UNM Cancer Center uses a program to mentor new cancer researchers

Starting a new scientific research program is like starting a new business. Both need to create a set of systems to track people, projects and money. But scientists’ formal training doesn’t always include business classes. To bridge this gap, Michelle Ozbun, PhD, at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center, [...]
November 18 2014

UNM Cancer Center Expands Breast Cancer Team

Second breast fellowship-trained surgeon Stephanie Fine, MD, comes home to New Mexico

Stephanie Fine, MD, is happy to be back home. Her education, career and breast surgery fellowship training have taken her to five different states. The Tesuque native returned to New Mexico and joined the University of New Mexico Cancer Center this summer. Dr. Fine works closely with the other breast [...]
November 06 2014

Phones Bring Genetic Counseling to Rural Women

Study shows over-the-phone genetic counseling is as effective as in-person counseling

Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a double mastectomy inspired many other women to seek genetic counseling, too. But for women in rural areas, getting a genetic test can impose its own set of barriers, like multiple long trips for counseling, testing and follow-up. New research by Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, [...]
October 16 2014

UNM Cancer Center Wins 5-Year $12 Million Grant Renewal for Systems Biology Research

Grant supports research in many different areas related to how cells exchange signals

The Spatiotemporal Modeling Center at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center recently won a 5-year $12 million grant renewal. The grant enables the STMC to continue its research in systems biology. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences at the National Institutes of Health uses this program to [...]
October 06 2014

UNM Cancer Center Surgeon Wins NCI Clinical Investigator Award

Teresa Rutledge, MD, wins award for her work in clinical research

Surgeon Teresa Rutledge, MD, recently received the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award. Only 11 people nationwide received the award this year. Dr. Rutledge is the third faculty member in the history of the University of New Mexico Cancer Center to be recognized with this honor. The [...]
September 29 2014

$7 Million Clinical Research Grant a Big Win for All New Mexicans

NCORP Grant from NCI helps UNM Cancer Center and New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance reach more New Mexicans with a wider range of clinical trials

The University of New Mexico Cancer Center won a 5-year $7 million grant from the National Cancer Institute’s National Community Oncology Research Program. The NCORP grant will strengthen and expand the clinical trials network in New Mexico. The NCI called the New Mexico NCORP “a model for community-based participatory cancer [...]
September 16 2014

UNM Cancer Center Scientist Wins $4.9 Million to Link Drugs, Diseases and Genes

Tudor Oprea, MD, PhD, and colleagues to develop a drug-target prioritization tool for the NIH

The National Institutes of Health wants to make the process of finding new drugs faster and better. The effort will help all 27 of its research institutes and centers. So, the nation’s medical research agency awarded Tudor Oprea, MD, PhD, a 2-year $4.9 million grant to develop a tool scientists [...]
September 15 2014

“Lobos Love Pink” Football Game Raises Awareness, Honors Breast Cancer Survivors

UNM Athletics, UNM Hospitals and UNM Cancer Center sponsor football game

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To raise awareness for breast cancer, University of New Mexico Athletics, UNM Hospital and UNM Cancer Center will sponsor the “Lobos Love Pink” Football game on October 10, 2014. Game organizers plan a half-time ceremony to celebrate breast cancer survivors and to honor those [...]
September 11 2014

Cowboys for Cancer Research Celebrates 32 Years

New Mexico’s largest cancer fundraiser will host its annual event October 10, 2014 in Las Cruces

Cowboys for Cancer Research and the University of New Mexico Cancer Center have had a rich 31-year history. They will build upon that history even more for this year’s 32nd annual fundraiser. To celebrate this long-standing event, Cowboys for Cancer Research will have music by The Graham Brothers Band. New [...]
July 24 2014

Connecting People to Possibility for Better Cancer Treatments

Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD, joins UNM Cancer Center to help bring new treatments through clinical trials

View PDF The cancer drugs, radiation therapy and cancer surgery available today help millions of people survive their cancer. People like Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD, have made these advances in cancer treatment possible. “When my peers started to use chemotherapy in the 1950s, it was the same treatment for everyone,” says [...]
July 14 2014

UNM Cancer Center Scientist Recognized as one of the “Most Influential Scientific Minds”

Vittorio Cristini, PhD, recognized on Thomson-Reuters’ most recent list

View PDF Of the 7 billion people in the world, Thomson Reuters, chose only 3,200 for its recent list of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.”  Vittorio Cristini, PhD, of the University of New Mexico Cancer Center, places among them. Dr. Cristini says, “I never expected this. It is truly [...]
June 23 2014

Easing Pain, Getting Back Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors

A newly-published paper by UNM Cancer Center’s Dr. Finlay describes methods to help cancer survivors cope with lingering pain

View PDF More and more people are surviving their cancer. Unfortunately, sometimes survival can come with pain. Although many people won’t feel any pain after their cancer treatment, some may have chronic, bothersome pain. The niggling pain reminds them of their cancer every time they perform an everyday task, like [...]
June 17 2014

Medical Physics Team at UNM Cancer Center Expands Treatment Choices

From stereotactic radiosurgery to hippocampal-sparing treatment, the medical physics team provides new radiation therapy options

View PDF Phoebe T. Ward, Jr. was the first patient to receive stereotactic radiosurgery at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center. The procedure killed the tumor in Ms. Ward’s brain by hitting it with x-rays. It took no more than 15 minutes but preparation for the procedure took months. [...]
May 19 2014

Damron Wins C-Change National Award

The UNM Cancer Center scientist and New Mexico Cancer Council founding member wins the 2014 Comprehensive Cancer Control Champion Award

View PDF University of New Mexico Cancer Center scientist Barbara Damron, RN, PhD, FAAN, recently won the prestigious C-Change Comprehensive Cancer Control Champion Award. The award honors Dr. Damron’s outstanding career in cancer treatment and research and her passion for saving lives from the ravages of cancer. “I’ve been in [...]
May 01 2014

UNM Cancer Center to Host First-Ever International Innovation Workshop

Global Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship and Technology Workshop slated for May 7-9, 2014

View PDF Great ideas come along everyday, but many of them never make it to market. Ramiro Jordán, PhD, would like to see more ideas reach markets. “What we’re trying to do is take an idea from the lab to the marketplace,” he says. But Dr. Jordán is not talking [...]
April 14 2014

Award-Winning New Mexico Artist Shares Work at UNM Cancer Center

Art show featured works of former scientist and multimedia artist Jeff Potter

View PDF Jeff Potter is a renaissance man. After more than 25 years in scientific research at the University of New Mexico, he retired in 2006 to focus on his interest in fine art. Some of his pieces now hang in the UNM Health Sciences Center’s Public Art Collection. Recently, [...]
March 31 2014

Cancer Patient Shares Her Remarkable Journey

First stereotactic radiosurgery patient at UNM Cancer Center shares what she’s learned through her diagnosis and treatment

View PDF Phoebe T. Ward, Jr., keeps her own opinion on statistics. “It’s a bell curve and I’m on the side of the bell curve that succeeds and survives,” she says. “That’s my choice. That’s where I place myself in the picture every time.” Diagnosed with lung cancer last September, [...]
March 24 2014

Killing Cancer Using the Virus That Causes It

UNM Cancer Center Scientist wins grant to study how HPV might be used to treat cancer

View PDF Basic scientists focus on understanding how things work, so most don’t get the chance to directly impact other people’s lives. That’s why Michelle Ozbun, PhD, is very excited about her recent grant to study human papillomavirus. Dr. Ozbun recently won a $275,000 two-year grant from the National Institute [...]
March 11 2014

UNM Cancer Center Scientist Uses Physics (Again) to Fight Cancer

Refinement makes the “master equations of cancer” even better suited for use in clinics

View PDF Physics applies to everything. So when Vittorio Cristini, PhD, started researching cancer, he applied physics. The result he got was a set of mathematical equations that describe, for each person, how many of their tumor cells a cancer treatment could kill. Now, Dr. Cristini and his collaborators describe [...]
March 03 2014

Throat Cancer Survivor Celebrates Life After TORS Surgery

Nine months after undergoing trans-oral robotic surgery at UNM Hospital, Charlie Guinn is enjoying life again

View PDF When Charlie Guinn sits down to eat with his lovely wife of 39 years, he thoroughly enjoys each bite. It’s not just the food; the entire experience is a celebration. Just over a year ago, Mr. Guinn learned that he had stage IV throat cancer. For him, just [...]
February 24 2014

Stereotactic Radio Surgery Procedure Comes to UNM Cancer Center

New surgical option to help people with brain tumors

View PDF The UNM Cancer Center can now add stereotactic radiosurgery to its growing list of treatment options. This non-invasive outpatient procedure kills tumor cells in the brain in a single treatment. For people with brain tumors or whose cancer has spread to the brain, this treatment option can help [...]
February 13 2014

Bikers to Raise Money for Cancer Research in Annual “Ride for the Cure NM” Event

Annual ride and event to benefit UNM Cancer Center

View PDF When his aunt died of metastatic breast cancer, Shane Stanford wanted to do something to help others facing the disease. His inspiration came in a dream. “I saw motorcycle riders on bikes wearing pink,” he says. Shortly after, he organized the first “Ride for the Cure NM” motorcycle [...]
February 13 2014

UNM Cancer Center Bestows Endowments on 15 Outstanding Faculty

Investiture Ceremony thanks donors and celebrates the faculty’s and the institution’s achievements in cancer treatment and research

View PDF Attracting and retaining outstanding talent is a perennial concern for many organizations. It can be especially difficult for academic institutions in an era of reduced government funding. It’s tougher still for small organizations away from large urban areas. So, the University of New Mexico Cancer Center’s recent Investiture [...]
February 06 2014

Breast Cancer Survivors to be Honored at “Lobos Love Pink” Basketball Game

Lobo Women’s basketball game raises awareness for breast cancer

View PDF The University of New Mexico Women’s Basketball team will once again pay tribute to the courageous women battling breast cancer in our state. The Lady Lobos will face the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the Pit for the [...]
February 03 2014

A Cancer Screening’s Only a Phone Call Away

UNM Researcher finds that personalized phone calls may help save lives

View PDF Although the field of science keeps advancing, it may be the simple telephone that helps save more lives. Anita Kinney, Professor of Medicine and Associate Director for Population Sciences at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center, and her fellow researchers have found that personalized messages over the [...]
January 27 2014

Enormous Beauty at a Miniscule Scale

High tech art show showcases dazzling images of life at its smallest sizes

View PDF Santa Fe is renowned for its culture and art; this March it will host an art show based on science. The fifth annual “Art of Systems Biology and Nanoscience,” is a  two-day public event celebrating new and fascinating ideas and images from the emerging fields of systems biology [...]
January 21 2014

Annual “Hoops 4 Hope” Legislative Basketball Game Helps Fight Cancer

The Senate Lobos and House Aggies play basketball for the UNM Cancer Center

View PDF The “Lobos” and the “Aggies” are New Mexico’s college teams, but on February 7, 2014, the state’s Senators and Representatives will assume those names. New Mexico legislators will play in the annual “Hoops 4 Hope” basketball game to raise awareness and money for cancer treatment and research. The [...]