October 10, 2018

Dr. Willman on Medicare Cuts

By msequeira

Cheryl Willman, MD, CEO and Director of the UNM Cancer Center, wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Washington Examiner Oct. 6, Medicare cuts threaten access to lifesaving cancer treatments.


According to the article:

...the federal 340B drug pricing program has been critical in our ability to care for disadvantaged patients. This congressionally-mandated program requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to sell medications at discounted prices to qualified healthcare providers, partially shielding them from skyrocketing drug prices while strengthening their ability to develop comprehensive clinical programs for underserved populations.

Earlier this year, we were among dozens of cancer centers, hospitals, and healthcare systems across the country hit with a major funding cut. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services slashed Medicare reimbursement rates for the purchase of the vast majority of lifesaving cancer drugs by nearly 30 percent, effectively wiping out the benefit of the 340B program that Congress intended.


Read Dr. Willman's piece, Medicare cuts threaten access to lifesaving cancer treatments.

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