March 20, 2017

Preventing Cervical Cancer Globally

By msequeira

Cosette Wheeler, PhD

UPDATE: Dr. Wheeler will be attending the HPV Vax-a-Nation: Increasing HPV Vaccination in the US Conference May 11 in Charleston, South Carolina. This ongoing conference provides cancer centers a forum to identify opportunities to collectively engage in cancer prevention such as HPV vaccination. NCI-designated Cancer Centers, along with the National Cancer Institute and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, will continue to work towards this common goal.

On Friday, March 17, 2017, the American Society of Clinical Oncology released a clinical practice guideline on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. Every 20 minutes, someone in the United States receives a cancer diagnosis related to HPV. HPV causes cancer of the cervix, anus and throat. The HPV vaccine can prevent infections causing most of these kinds of cancer if people receive it before being exposed to the virus.

The clinical guidelines released on Friday is the first guideline on primary prevention of cervical cancer that is tailored to multiple regions of the world. Different regions have different levels of healthcare resources. This guideline offers evidence-based guidance to health care providers worldwide to enable them to give the HPV vaccine to their communities for maximum efficacy.

Cosette Wheeler, PhD, at the UNM ComprehensiveCancer Center, was part of the scientific team that published the research paper.

Read ASCO's press release and learn more cervical cancer and cervical screening and prevention.

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