August 21, 2017

Helping to Enhance Research in Oncology Program Thanks HEROes

By msequeira

Clinical trials are research studies conducted in people. Cancer clinical trials help doctors and scientists learn about cancer. They can help people with cancer, too, by offering more choices for treatment. Without the people who volunteer to take part in cancer clinical trials, we wouldn't know what we know today about cancer. All drugs must go through clinical trials before getting Food and Drug Administration approval, including drugs that fight cancer.

The Helping to Enhance Research in Oncology Program celebrated everyone who takes part in cancer clinical trials in New Mexico. The event took place Saturday, August 19, and had sessions that were free and open to the public. Read the media alert.

Leslie Byatt, New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance, spoke to Mike Jaxson, KSVP-AM, about cancer clinical trials and about the HERO event.

Terri Stewart, New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance and UNM Cancer Center, talked to KOB-TV's Emily Jaceks about how clinical trials help people and scientific progress:

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