November 23, 2015

New Device Makes Breast Cancer Surgery Easier for Everyone

By msequeira
Stephanie Fine, MD

Stephanie Fine, MD

The new FDA-approved SAVI® Scout device is approved for use at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center and will be available at other hospitals across the country in 2016. The new device helps surgeons find the tissue to be removed during a lumpectomy. It is a wireless radio transmitter that doesn't use radiation and can be placed in the breast cancer up to a week in advance. So, women can go home and rest for their surgery and the operating room can schedule for fewer delays and waiting.

Stephanie Fine, MD, talks with Mike Jaxson, KSVP-FM, about the SAVI Scout:


Read the press release and the articles in The Daily Lobo and Albuquerque Business First - SAVi Scout story.

Learn more about the SAVI Scout device:

SAVI SCOUT Patient Info Sheet

SAVI SCOUT Infographic

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