October 19, 2015

New iPhone App Helps Find Skin Cancer

By msequeira
‘Mole Mapper’ app gives users ability to measure and monitor moles, helps melanoma scientific research


A new application for the Apple iPhone enables users to measure and track their moles by comparing their potential trouble spots over time. The ‘Mole Mapper’ app was developed using ResearchKit, an open source framework developed by Apple, Inc., and is free to download from the App Store. Scientists who study melanoma use the de-identified data from users to complement other research efforts.


Although a rare form of skin cancer, melanoma is by far the most deadly. The earlier it is found, the more likely it can be treated and even cured.

The ‘Mole Mapper’ app analyzes digital photos of moles and other skin conditions that users take with their cell phones over time. By comparing the photos, scientists hope to discover the telltale skin changes that lead to melanoma. The de-identified data will enhance other efforts in melanoma research.


A national team of melanoma scientists worked with Apple, Inc., to create the ‘Mole Mapper’ app. The team included Marianne Berwick, PhD, at the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. A full list of thought leaders may be found at: http://www.ohsu.edu/news/media/images/Mole_Mapper_Thought_Leaders.pdf


Oregon Health & Science University, which led the effort to create the app, announced its release on October 15, 2015, in a press release, http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/about/news_events/news/2015/10-15-ohsu-releases-mole-mappe.cfm


The ‘Mole Mapper’ app may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1048337814


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Dorothy Hornbeck, JKPR, 505-340-5929, dhornbeck@jameskorenchen.com
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