October 27, 2015

New iPhone App Tracks Moles to Help Find Skin Cancer

By msequeira

Marianne Berwick, PhD, was part of the scientific team that worked with Apple to develop a new iPhone app that helps keep track of your moles. Moles that change -- either slowly or rapidly -- can be a sign of melanoma, a deadly skin cancer.  The app helps users catalog and track moles over their entire body. Users may also choose to participate in melanoma research by sharing their [deidentified] photos.

Read more in the press release,the Albuquerque Business First story by Sal Christ, and the Las Cruces SunNews story by Alexia Severson. Dr. Berwick also spoke to Erica Zucco, KOB-TV; to Dan Mayfield on "The Morning Brew"; and to Adam Attichson on "KRQE This Morning."

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