The UNM Cancer Center provides chemotherapy treatment in the infusion suite, located on the fourth floor of our clinic.

Our oncology nurses are experts in cancer care. They specialize in giving chemotherapy. The oncology nursing team provides support to patients and their families and teaches them about chemotherapy, its safety and its side effects.

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I take pride in bringing a smile to a patient’s face, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible during treatment, setting their next appointments and knowing that they understand how to care for themselves during treatment.

– Ellie Harvey, RN-BSN
Oncology Infusion Nurse

Infusion Pharmacy

The members of our Infusion Pharmacy team have special training in preparing chemotherapy drugs for your treatment. In addition, they use cutting edge technology to receive, mix and deliver your prescription to your chemotherapy team. Our Infusion Pharmacy is among the first cancer centers in the country to use the Dose-Edge® camera-based work flow system and is part of the UNM Cancer Center’s QOPI® Certification. Our Infusion Pharmacy team members also take part in Investigational Drug Studies to give you access to the latest drugs that might benefit you.

Our Infusion Pharmacy team includes four board-certified pharmacists.

57,700+ infusions were given to patients in 2018 by our expert nurses and pharmacists


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