What to expect after your transplant

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Recovery and long term follow up

Dr. Fero with a patient image

Dr. Fero speaks with a patient during a visit.

It might take up to six months to fully recover your strength and stamina.

Your immune system will take time to recover. During the first year after your transplant, you will be in a higher risk for infections.

You might have to take some medication to prevent infections up to a year after transplant

After 6 months you should start to receive vaccinations and then boosters, similar to the types of vaccines normally given to children.

Once you have sufficiently recovered from your transplant, you can return to the care of your primary oncologists.

You and your transplant physician will review plans for your future care. We will also give you a summary of your treatment and contact information for your transplant team, in case you have questions later.

Your transplant team will be available for you for any transplant related questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Available Resources

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