Breast Cancer Team

Every Woman Benefits from the Entire Team’s Expertise

Our Breast Team offers the full spectrum of care, from screening and diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. Comprised of breast surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and others, the team blends each provider’s expertise to create a treatment plan for each woman.

Fortunately in breast cancer, most patients are cured of their disease...The key is to find the disease early when it is still curable.

– Ursa Brown-Glaberman, MD

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Dianne Nielsen, RN, BSN, CNBN, CBCN

Nurse Navigator
Diane Nielson

Guides you in your treatment and serves as your regular point of contact.


Meet the Breast Cancer Team

Zonnedy Dayao, MD

Zoneddy Dayao, MD, Team Co-Leader

Medical Oncologists

Diagnose and treat cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immuno-therapy and targeted therapy. At UNM Cancer Center, they also manage breast cancer clinical trials in these areas.

Surgical Oncologists

Perform biopsies and other surgical procedures in people with cancer. At UNM Cancer Center, our surgical oncologists offer skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomies and immediate breast reconstruction.

Medical oncologists and radiation oncologists collaborate with the UNM Cancer Center’s internationally recognized team of researchers to translate recent discoveries into the most advanced cancer care available in New Mexico. Some of these advanced options may be offered through clinical trials, which are conducted to better diagnose, prevent and treat cancer. Clinical trials test new or modified cancer drugs, new drug doses, unique approaches to surgery or radiation therapy, and varied combinations of treatments. 

Radiation Oncologists

Treat cancer using radiation. Radiation kills cancer cells and radiation oncologists manage how much radiation to use and how it is given. Radiation oncologists at UNM Cancer Center offer stereotactic body radiation, stereotactic surgery, intensity modulated radiation therapy and high-dose rate brachytherapy radiation.


Reconstructive Surgeons

Reshape or rebuild parts of the body. At UNM Cancer Center, our reconstructive surgeons offer microsurgical flap surgery, deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap surgery, and fat grafting.

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Amanda Derylo, MD

Oncology Radiologists

Find breast cancer in mammograms. Our radiologists are expert in reading mammograms, with many years of training and practice.

Angela Arenas, CNP

Angela Arenas, CNP

Jaymi McKay, CNP

Jaymi McKay, CNP

Advanced Practice Providers

May give medications or injections, take medical histories, perform medical exams or perform certain medical procedures under the guidance of a physician.

The only licensed cancer genetic counselors in New Mexico are at the UNM Cancer Center. Genetic consultation and testing are available in the spectrum of care for the patient.

Jamina Oomen-Hajagos, PhD, MS, LCGC

Jamina Oomen-Hajagos, PhD, MS, LCGC

Shawnia Ryan, MS, CGC

Shawnia Ryan, MS, LCGC

Lisa Mohler, MS, LCGC

Lisa Mohler, MS, LCGC

Cancer Genetic Counselors

Help clients learn about their risk of getting cancer based on the clients and their family’s medical history. The counseling may lead to genetic testing of the client or members of their family.

Ernestine Trujillo, MS, RD, LD

Ernestine Trujillo, MS, RD, LD

Cancer Nutritionists

Help people fighting cancer get through their treatment. Instead of prescribing drugs, they prescribe foods that will help them with their health.

To make an appointment, call us at 505-272-4946.

I tell patients, “don’t hesitate to ask for help (during cancer treatment).”
This is the time to ask.

– Ernestine Trujillo, MS, RD, LD,
cancer nutritionist