Lung Cancers

Lung cancer can be fast-growing and fast-spreading, which is why the order of your care matters. New immune therapies and new surgical methods may offer you better results. To give you the best chance for the highest quality of life, our team considers the most advanced drugs, surgeries and radiation treatments available and creates a plan that would work best for you.

Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking reduces the effects of cancer treatment, so to help lung cancer patients quit, we’ve integrated a smoking cessation program into our clinic. Patients choosing to join the program will receive guidance and support to quit smoking.

Our program follows national guidelines that are based on scientifically-validated studies and follows patients as they kick a habit they may have had for decades. The program adapts to each patient’s needs and can incorporate lifestyle changes, patches or medication.


Meet the Lung Cancers Team


Medical Oncologists

Work with the entire team to manage clinical trials. They use chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy to treat lung cancer.


new cases of lung and bronchus cancer were estimated for New Mexico in 2018.

Source: American Cancer Society


medicines approved for lung cancer.

Source: National Cancer Institute


Treat cancers and other diseases of the lungs and airways. They use different medicines and methods of treatment and work with the entire team to treat lung cancer.


Radiation Oncologists

Use targeted radiation to kill cancer cells. They use many different methods to get radiation to cancer cells while reducing radiation to normal cells. These methods include stereotactic body radiation, stereotactic radiosurgery and intensity modulated radiation therapy.


Surgical Oncologists

Thoracic surgical oncologists are specially trained to remove cancer tumors from the delicate tissues of the lungs. Our surgical team can perform minimally invasive surgeries and complex surgeries that include removing tumors from the chest wall and reconstructing airways.


Darrah Image

Gloria Darrah, CNP

Lori Lelii, CNP

Lori Lelii, CNP

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Lorraine Rebuck, CNP

Steven Perez, PA-C

Steven Perez, PA-C

Midlevel Providers

May perform certain medical procedures under the guidance of a physician. They may give medications or injections, take medical histories or perform medical exams. Not pictured: Gwendoline Chuba, CNP