Pediatric Cancers Team

The Latest Advances

The Pediatric Cancers Team at UNM is the only pediatric hematology/oncology program in the state that offers access to NIH-sponsored cancer clinical trials. These clinical trials offer the children of New Mexico cutting-edge treatments to improve their outcomes and quality of life. The team also offers care for children with complex blood disorders. And, the team works with oncologists in all of the other multidisciplinary teams at UNM Cancer Center to help each child with his or her treatment needs.


Meet the Pediatric Cancers Team

Pediatric Oncologists

Manage the treatment plan for each child, including the use of chemotherapy, targeted therapy and clinical trials. They work with specialists in all other cancer and non-cancer areas.

Childhood Cancer
Survivorship Clinic

More than 80 percent of children with cancer live through their cancer and these rates continue to increase. But childhood cancer survivors face life-long health risks and have special needs. Some of these risks include heart and lung problems, secondary cancers, learning disabilities, infertility and mental health issues.

Amy Cruickshank, DO, directs the Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Clinic at UNM. Our clinic follows up with childhood cancer survivors for years after their treatment. We provide support and healthcare follow-up and suggest lifestyle changes to help each childhood cancer survivor with his or her unique needs. Our team also works with primary care providers and other specialists to help each survivor stay healthy.

Our Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Clinic welcomes all childhood cancer survivors between two and 10 years after completing their treatment. We welcome people up to 30 years old no matter where they went through treatment.


Radiation Oncologist

Manages not only the amount of radiation that gets to the pediatric tumor but also the path it takes to get there. Using stereotactic
body radiation and intensity modulated radiation therapy, our pediatric radiation oncologist minimizes the radiation reaching healthy, growing tissues.