CURE Program


About the CURE Program

CURE is a paid research training program in the summer for high school and college undergraduate Native American students. Eligible students must be:

  • Sixteen years or older
  • In good academic standing
  • Strongly interested in science

Help the Fight Against Cancer…

Take part in ongoing research at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center. Here are some examples of ongoing projects:

  • Understanding how arsenic and uranium in water sources may cause cancer (Lewis)
  • Discovering what tribal communities have done and can do to further improve the health of their members(Wallerstein)
  • Identifying causes and treatments for breast and ovarian cancer(Prossnitz/Hathaway/Adams/Steinkamp/Hudson/Wandinger-Ness)
  • Learning how schools can help students to improve diet choices, reduce obesity and reduce the risk of getting cancer(Davis)
  • Genomic analyses for personalized cancer therapies (Ness/Rajput)

Work in a Lab with Our Research Experts

CURE-leaders…And Help Yourself, Too!

Learn important skills that will help you in college and beyond!

  • Conduct scientific research in community, public or environmental health — learn from the scientists themselves!
  • Work within research teams
  • Learn from mentors, peers and diverse groups of people
  • Explain science to family, community, teachers, peers
  • Learn how to prepare applications for college and graduate school
  • Discover career opportunities where you can apply your science knowledge


Cancer affects people everywhere, of every age and every race. You can join the fight against it. You can help scientists and doctors learn more about cancer. And you can share what you learn with other students, cancer scientists and doctors, and the people in your community.


How it WorksCURE-group

CURE provides paid internships for students participating in 40 hours per week during the summer.

Students are required to:

  • Make a commitment to completing the program
  • Attend UNM seminars, lectures, training sessions and activities
  • Select UNM Faculty and “near-peer” mentors
  • Choose a research project in community, public or environmental health
  • Consult with UNM Faculty and near-peer mentors
  • Final Project Presentation - Share what was learned with the school and/or community in a unique presentation, such as a poster, painting, song, story, or poem

CURE-writeThe Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (CURE) program is supported through partnerships between UNM, Native American Community Academy, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Navajo Technical University, and Santa Fe Indian School.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applying to the Cure Program

High School Applicants

  • 2019 applications will be open November 2018
  • High school students can find the Application documents as PDFs on the CURE 2019 High School page or contact Loretta Esquibel by phone: (505) 272-4539 or by e-mail: to request an application packet.
  • College Applicants

  • Undergraduate students can submit an electronic application via UNM Undergraduate Pipeline Network Summer Research Experience.