Clinical Research Office

The Clinical Research Office supports the UNM Cancer Center’s vast clinical research efforts. These efforts span several different disciplines, institutions, research groups, community programs and all the counties in New Mexico.

Carolyn Muller, MD, Associate Director for Clinical Research
Ursa Brown-Glaberman, MD, Medical Director and CPDM Leader Clinical Trials Office

CRO Mission

The Clinical Research Office designs, builds and coordinates the UNM Cancer Center’s clinical research portfolio.

The CRO:

  • prioritizes clinical trials Theske;jhby working with UNM Cancer Center Clinical Working Groups;
  • manages cancer clinical trials through the Protocol Review and Monitoring System and the Clinical Protocol and Data Management teams;
  • drives clinical research by acting as the hub for the state and working through the New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance, a statewide network that provides close-to-home clinical trials access to all New Mexicans; and
  • engages New Mexico’s communities through the Population Sciences Research Group to address disparities in access to cancer clinical trials.

Bringing Clinical Trials

The CRO reviews trials initiated by:

  • The National Cancer Institute
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • National Clinical Trial Working groups
  • UNM Cancer Center investigators

The Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRMS) uses a two-stage process to vet the clinical trials portfolio and engage the community to assess clinical trial needs. Teresa Rutledge, MD, leads the PRMS Committee.

Teresa Rutledge, MD

Translational Science

The CRO is also working with the newly-created Translational Science core to build a program that brings UNM Cancer Center discoveries to clinical trials.

Sarah Adams, MD, is developing the new Translational Science shared resource.

Sarah Adams, MD,

The CRO works with each of the Clinical Working Groups (CWGs) to identify and prioritize clinical trials that will benefit New Mexicans most.

  • Breast CWG: U. Brown-Glaberman, MD
  • GI/HPB CWG: Y. Patt, MD
  • Heme CWG: L. Andritsos, MD
  • Head and Neck CWG: A. Cowan, MD, PhD
  • Gynecologic CWG: C. Muller, MD, FACOG
  • Lung CWG: A. Kumar, MD
  • Genitourinary CWG: N. Hashemi, MD
  • Pediatric and AYA CWG: J. Kuttesch, PhD, MD
  • Population Science CWG: L. Cook, PhD


The CRO is funded in part by the UNM Cancer Center’s Minority-Based National Community Oncology Program (NCORP) Grant.