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The NIH Review Process

Naomi Nishi, PhD presents the NIH Review Process.

Naomi Nishi, PhD
Associate Director for Educational Outreach
Office of Research Development and Education (ORDE)
Lecturer, Department of Ethnic Studies
University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus


Writing Your Specific Aims

When it comes to NIH grants, the Specific Aims has been likened to the front door of your proposal. Even though reviewers may skip around your proposal, most start with the Specific Aims and have a pretty good idea of whether they like your proposal or not based on that one page. This makes your Specific Aims crucial to your competitiveness. Watch this webinar with Naomi Nishi, PhD, to learn strategies for constructing your Specific Aims to make it as clear and compelling as possible.

Dr. Nishi is a scholar-practitioner with 15 years’ experience working with and in higher education. She has served as the Associate Director for Educational Outreach in the Office of Research Development and Education for 7 of those years, serving both the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campuses in grant development. With a background in Technical Writing, Dr. Nishi has written and reviewed grant proposals for nearly 10 years and coached researchers toward success, as well as seeded multiple collaborative research initiatives. She is author of the popular ORDE blog (, focused on grant development topics. Her own research focuses on racial equity in higher education, particularly in STEM.

Community Based Participatory Research

Dr. Wallerstein provides a theoretical overview of Community Based Participatory Research, emphasizing the significance of developing opportunities for bidirectional learning and communication between researchers and community experts as a means of creating long-term, meaningful research partnerships. Provides examples from three community-based health research projects.

CBPR: Context, Principles and Challenges from UNM Health Sciences Center on Vimeo.

K-Awards Training

K awards provide support for senior postdoctoral fellows or faculty-level candidates. K awards are designed to promote the career development of specific groups of individuals based on their past training and career stage. The objective of these programs is to bring candidates to the point where they are able to conduct their research independently and are competitive for major grant support.

Thanks to University of Colorado, Denver and Naomi Nishi, Associate Director for Educational Outreach, for the following videos covering how to plan, apply and implement K-awards:

K Award Grant Planning:
K Overview:
K Candidate Statement:
K Career Development Plan:
K Research Plan:
K Mentorship:

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