Cancer Control & Population Science

Program Leaders:  Linda Cook, PhD; Shiraz I. Mishra, MBBS, PhD; and
Steve Belinsky, PhD

Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS) is a transdisciplinary research program that serves as the nexus for cancer control and population/community research within the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UNMCCC) and the State of New Mexico (NM), the UNMCCC catchment area.

CCPS Leaders (l-r): Linda Cook PhD; Shiraz Mishra, MBBS, PhD; Steven Belinsky, PhD

The Program’s overall mission is to conduct high impact research on the sociocultural, behavioral, and biological determinants of cancer risk, morbidity, and mortality in the unique multiethnic, culturally diverse, and underserved populations of NM, and, to use this knowledge to develop, test, and disseminate interventions to reduce the burden of cancer. Program members also have highly productive national and international collaborations to reduce the global burden of cancer.

To accomplish this mission, the Program fosters collaborative and transdisciplinary interactions between basic, translational, clinical, and population scientists with shared research interests in three areas that define the Program’s Specific Aims:

  1. Cancer Risk and Risk Prediction;
  2. Cancer Risk Reduction, Screening Determinants, and Interventions; and,
  3. Cancer Care Delivery, Survivorship, and Post-Diagnosis Outcomes.

A cross cutting theme, Cancer Health Disparities, creates synergy across these three focus areas by stimulating the development of methods and interventions that can be adapted across all of the aims.

Addressing these aims, CCPS members conduct highly collaborative discovery and intervention research enabled by UNMCCC Shared Resources. Additional robust research resources and infrastructures enabling our research include: Project ECHOTM, the New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance (NMCCA), the UNMCCC NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP-Minority Site), the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement, the NCI SEER NM Tumor Registry (NMTR), The NM HPV Pap Registry, and the UNMCCC/LRRI Smoker’s Cohorts. Over the next funding period, a CCPS Program priority is to further characterize disparities in cancer occurrence, screening, and survivorship and implement intervention research to improve outcomes in underserved populations.

Cancer Control Researchers