Cancer Therapeutics: Technology, Discovery & Targeted Delivery


Larry Sklar, PhD

Program Leaders: Larry Sklar, PhD

The Cancer Therapeutics: Technology, Discovery, & Targeted Delivery Research Program (CT) utilizes its expertise in flow cytometric screening technology, small molecule discovery, cheminformatics, molecular targeting and targeted delivery, nanotechnology, and molecular imaging to create a pipeline of cancer diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities. Both within the CT program and through collaborations with other UNMCCC Research Programs, CT investigators facilitate the validation of new cancer targets and their translation to early phase interventions.

The Specific Aims of the CT Program are to:

  1. Utilize expertise in small molecule discovery, cheminformatics, flow cytometric and high throughput screening
    technology, molecular targeting and targeted delivery, nanotechnology, and molecular imaging to create a pipeline
    of therapeutic and diagnostic opportunities focused on cancers with high incidence, mortality, or disparity in New
    Mexico’s multiethnic and underserved populations.
  2. Serve as a collaborative interface with other UNMCCC Research Programs to prioritize the pipeline to advance and
    facilitate the most promising candidate molecules and technologies in the UNMCCC Programs to target validation,
    testing in pre-clinical models, and translation to early phase trials.
  3. Work with UNMCCC clinical investigators, the UNMCCC Experimental Therapeutics Unit, the ORIEN National
    Precision Medicine Network, the NCI NCTN, and the pharmaceutical industry to define an efficient pathway for
    translating UNMCCC discoveries into diagnostic and therapeutic investigator-initiated clinical trials and to enhance
    participation in NCI NCTN, NCI NExT, and NCI-ETC Programs.
  4. Educate, train, and mentor students, physicians, fellows, and junior faculty to gain expertise in UNMCCC-sponsored
    discovery tools in our laboratories and Shared Resources, and in the development of INDs and UNMCCC, NCI,
    and industry-sponsored clinical trials.


In 2017, the CT Program had 34 Members (16 Full; 18 Associate). With the departure of the previous Program Co-leader Renata Pasqualini, PhD, Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD, UNMCCC Associate Center Director Clinical Research, is now serving as the Interim Co-Leader until this program has been reviewed and restructured.

Over the past year, program members published 57 original peer-reviewed articles and reviews (39% intra-programmatic and 19% inter-programmatic with a 53% overall collaborative rate). As of April 1, 2018, program funding was $8,123,564 in annual direct costs, of which $4,339,094 is peer-reviewed direct funding and $1,913,620 is from the NCI.

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