Custom R Packages

Install R on your computer

This page contains links to custom packages that may be used with R statistical software and Bioconductor to analyze data. Before being able to use them you will need to install R on your computer.

R homepage
Everything you wanted to know about R but were afraid to ask.

R download and Installation
From the FHCRC mirror

Bioconductor homepage
Packages and vinettes from Bionconductor are available here or may be downloaded from within the R program.

Xcode is needed to install source packages on a Mac. It is a free download from the App Store. Also be sure to install the Command Line Tools from within Xcode (Xcode > Preferences > Download)

Custom Packages

ArrayFun: A PDF portfolio that contains both the instruction manual and the source code (ArrayFun.tar.gz) for building the ArrayFun package for the R program.  This package facilitates the analysis of 2-color expression arrays (cDNA or oligonucleotide) starting with raw (.gpr) data.

HomoVert: A package to convert Entrez Gene IDs from one species to another. It has a builtin Homologene conversion table and a function to convert your Gene IDs to a second species of your choice. Also outputs gene symbol, protein ID and protein accession numbers.