Cancer Biology & Signaling

Program Leaders: Bridget Wilson, PhD, and Eric Prossnitz, PhD

Eric Prossnitz, PhD

Eric Prossnitz, PhD

Bridget Wilson, PhD

Bridget Wilson, PhD

The Cancer Biology and Signaling Research Program (TCBS) has four major scientific aims that reflect the basic, translational, and clinical research activities relative to the Program’s current areas of translational research focus: Hematologic Malignancies, and Cancers of the Breast, Ovary, Cervix, Colon, and Head & Neck.

Investigators in TCBS are highly collaborative (37% overall collaborative publication rate for 2017) and make extensive use of UNMCCC Shared Resources.

The TCBS Specific Aims are:

  1. To characterize, image, and model cell signaling pathways in normal and cancer cells.
  2. To investigate the contributions of cell-cell interactions and the microenvironment in cancer initiation,
    progression and metastasis.
  3. To define the roles of the immune response and linked inflammatory processes in both solid tumors
    and hematologic malignancies.
  4. To translate program science to the development of targeted clinical therapeutic interventions against
    cell signaling targets and pathways in collaboration with the UNMCCC Cancer Therapeutics (CT)
    program and to investigate and model mechanisms of therapeutic response or resistance.


The Program is comprised of 30 members (21 Full; 9 Associate). The program leadership for 2017 is unchanged, although co-Leader Dr. Bridget Wilson will be stepping down from her leadership role in late 2018 with her pending retirement.

The program's work is supported by $7,825,612 in annual direct cost funding, of which $1,637,537 is from the NCI and $6,833,383 is peer-reviewed as of April 1, 2018. The discoveries made in this program have resulted in 54 publications over the past year, of which 17% are intra-programmatic collaborations and 20% are inter-programmatic collaborations, with a total collaborative publication level of 37%.

Translational Cancer Biology & Signaling Researchers

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