Animal Models

Dr. Steinkamp and Dr. Lagunita examine mouse images

The UNM Cancer Center Animal Models Shared Resource offers support for animal model development including subcutaneous and orthotopic xenograft and patient-derived xenograft preclinical studies. We provide technical services including xenograft injection/implantation, drug treatment, tumor monitoring, tumor burden quantification in longitudinal studies, necropsy, and consultations on model development, technical procedures, and animal pathology. We also provide in-house bred NOD scid gamma (NSG) immunodeficient mice to investigators for xenograft studies.

Core Location

Cancer Research Facility (CRF)

Room 217


Mara Steinkamp, PhD

Mara Steinkamp, PhD

Faculty Director





Irina Lagunita, PhD

Irina Lagutina, PhD

Technical Director






Donna Kusewit, DVM, PhD

Donna Kusewitt, DVM, PhD

Veterinary Pathologist






Animal Models Shared Resource Acknowledgement

Please acknowledge the Animal Models Shared Resource in publications or grant submissions in which you use images or data generated in the resource.

Suggested acknowledgment:

“Support for in vivo experiments in this paper was provided by the University of New Mexico Cancer Center Animal Models Shared Resource, funded by NCI 2P30 CA118100 (PI Willman, C.) “UNM Cancer Center Support Grant”."

Following publication, please send us one of your reprints or cover images for our records.


The University of New Mexico Cancer Center Animal Models Shared Resource acknowledges the following funding for facility support.

Current Funding:

The Animal Models Shared Resource is supported by the NCI-designated UNM Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA118100-06)(PI Willman, C.) “UNM Cancer Center Support Grant” 9/25/05-8/31/20