Behavioral Measurement & Population Science

Andrew Sussman, PhD, MCRP; Director
Dolores Guest, PhD, RD; Associate Director

Service Areas

The Behavioral Measurement and Population Science Shared Resource supports the development and implementation of cancer-focused population science and patient-centered research through a dedicated research infrastructure offering the following services:

Research Development and Design

  • Provides methodologic input, especially pertaining to qualitative, mixed method and community-based observational and interventional trials.
  • Develops and designs study protocols, standard operating procedures, data collection instruments, and databases.

Research Operations and Data Management

  • Provides community- and clinic-based recruitment, consenting, and data collection activities.
  • Project coordinators may manage staff, monitor fidelity, and implement quality control procedures.
  • Ensures study timelines and tracks study progress.

Qualitative Data Analysis

  • Provides analytic support for qualitative and mixed methods studies.
  • Develops data collection instruments, and conducts interviews and focus groups.
  • Leads qualitative data analysis using NVivo® or Dedoose software packages, a unique service in the UNMCCC.

Interaction and Facilitation with the Clinical Research Office (CRO)

  • Facilitates study accrual data are captured on CCSG Data Table 4.
  • Develops and follows processes to ensure new studies initiated by CCPS members meet CCSG guidelines for accurate accrual reporting.
  • BMPS leadership serves on the Population Science CWG to further integrate research and data accrual reporting needs.


  • Develops and provides research tailored training events for research teams and more broadly to UNMCCC faculty, study staff, and students.
  • Hosts a monthly journal club to discuss behavioral and population science research of topical and catchment area relevance.
  • Provides mentored training opportunities for students and interns in collaboration with UNMCCC’s CRTECC and other UNM programs.

Please contact Joe Rodman at or 505-272-6557 to set up a meeting to discuss how we can provide support for your research efforts.


Please Acknowledge BMPS in your publications.

To acknowledge use of this shared resource, please include the following in your publications: This research was partially supported by UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant NCI P30CA118100 and the Behavioral Measurement and Population Science shared resource.