BioInformaticsRBL-MTOCThe Bioinformatics Shared Resource works closely with the other Shared Resources that generate large, complex data sets. The faculty in the Biostatistics Shared Resource provide complementary expertise and assist with the data analysis. The Resource Directors collaborate with users to design experiments, develop new methods for data analysis and interpretation, to integrate therapeutic knowledge and to assist with grant writing and data processing for publications.


Yan Guo, PhD

Director, Bioinformatics Shared Resource
Office: 505-925-0099

Bioinformatics Specialist

Olufunmilola (Mary) Oyebamiji, Research Scientist


Cancer Research Facility (CRF)
Ground Floor, Room 100A

Shared Resource Requests

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To acknowledge use of this shared resource, please include the following in your publications: This research was partially supported by UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant NCI P30CA118100 and the Bioinformatics and High Dimensional Data Analysis shared resource.