Biostatistics 101 Course

Understanding biostatistics is paramount for cancer research. BIOS 101: Principles of Biostatistics and Data Science for Cancer Researchers at UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center (UNMCCC) is a diverse program presented in a series of nine lectures. The lectures introduce the basic principles of biostatistics and quantitative data science.

There is not a Biostatistics 101 Course scheduled at this time. If you would like to attend one in the future, please email Dr. Huining Kang.

biostats-101Course Details

The lectures are intended for those who are in the process of learning biostatistical applications or for those who desire a refresher course. This course will cover:

  • types of data
  • descriptive statistics
  •  estimation
  • hypothesis testing
  • correlation/regression
  • survival analysis
  • sample size calculation
  • guidelines for statistical genomic data analysis

Some classes will introduce basic theory and its application using computing tools or free software.

Course Description

This course covers basic statistical methods.

Course Goal

The goal of this class is to introduce the basic statistical concepts and methods for cancer research.

Course Outlines

See the syllabus.

Course Prerequisites


Course Format

The course will consist of both lecture and hands-on instruction. The lecture materials (slides) will be posted before each class.

Registration Policy

There is no fee for this lecture series; however, students should be registered before October 5. To register, please email the administrative assistant.

*Note: Students wanting to attend only some of the lectures must still register for the course.

Who should take this course?

Clinicians, Fellows, Cancer Researchers, and Cancer Biology Students.

Note: Only UNM Health Science Center employees and faculty are eligible. If you are not a UNM HSC faculty or staff member, please contact the Coordinator prior to the registration deadline.

Credit policy

No credit for this course.


Students will receive a homework assignment of 5 questions each week. The homework assignment will be counted as a test to gauge the student’s understanding of the material.


The Pass or Fail grade will be calculated as follows: 50% Homework, 50% Attendance. Students must attend a minimum of eight of the 10 lectures to receive a passing attendance grade.


Students who complete and pass the course will be awarded a certificate.

Course evaluation

At the end of each class, students are requested to fill out and submit an evaluation form for the lecture.