About Biostatistics

The goals of the UNMCC Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) are to:

  1. Provide UNMCC members with biostatistical support for clinical trials and the four Research Programs by consulting to develop appropriate research hypotheses and develop efficient study designs, along with determination of appropriate sample sizes for the proposed studies.
  2. Support Cancer Center Clinical Components, including protocol review and monitoring of clinical trials conducted within UNMCC, and thereby ensuring high data quality, study integrity and patient safety.
  3. Conduct and summarize statistical analyses, including preparing summary reports, providing up-to-date statistical analyses, and assisting in the preparation of abstracts and manuscripts that will disseminate the knowledge gained through the CCSG research activities.
  4. Develop critical statistical methodology when currently available approaches prove insufficient to address the analysis of data from research projects.
  5. Provide education and dissemination about resource technologies and services by offering short course lecture series and workshops on fundamental biostatistical topics for cancer researchers.

The UNMCC Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) collaborates with Cancer Center investigators to

  • Develop and define appropriate research objectives, hypotheses, and endpoints
  • Select efficient study designs
  • Determine appropriate sample sizes
  • Propose appropriate statistical methods for analyses, including for the interim and final analyses
  • Define stopping rules
  • Devise blinding and randomization plans for clinical studies
  • Plan and write statistical sections of grants and protocols
  • Statistical analysis of pilot and study data
  • Work with data management staff for efficient database design and quality

Request Assistance

To request Biostatistics Support please complete and submit the Request Form online.


To acknowledge use of this shared resource, please include the following in your publications: This research was partially supported by UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant NCI P30CA118100 and the Biostatistics shared resource.