To acknowledge use of this shared resource, please include the following in your publications: This research was partially supported by UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant NCI P30CA118100 and made use of the Fluorescence Microscopy and Cell Imaging shared resource.


Leica TCS-SP8 Confocal & PicoQuant FLIM System

Location: CRF216

Zeiss LSM800 Airyscan Confocal Microscope

Location: CRF226

Olympus IX83 TIRF/Single Molecule Localization Microscope

Location: CRF226

Olympus IX71 microscope with Andor iXon 897 EMCCD

Camera Location: CRF218

Zeiss AxioPlan2 Microscope with Nuance Multi-Spectral

Camera Location: CRF224

Zeiss AxioObserver Microscope with Hamamatsu Flash4.0v2 sCMOS

Camera Location: CRF212

Zeiss Axioskop Microscope with AxioCam HR Color

Camera Location: CRF226

Nikon TE2000 Microscope with Q-Imaging Retiga R3 Camera (monochrome)

Location: CRF216

Workstations and Scanners

Image Analysis Workstations

Locations: CRF224 & CRF226

GE Typhoon FLA 7000 Scanner

Locations: CRF214

Li-Cor Odessey FC

Locations: CRF214